Friday Caption Contest

Number One:

“Obama and the Obamicorn– having just escaped the Psych Ward– lead Nancy Pelosi back from Canada, where the crack Candadian Health care system recented performed a CAT scan on her head.”

obama unicorn 1

And Number 2, for the brave, below the fold…

“Why the press were told to stay away from President Obama on his vaction”

obama unicorn 2

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4 Responses to Friday Caption Contest

  1. joe buzz says:

    Rub a duck, screw a guinea, NP good as….oh wait wrong thread…sorry. Note to moderator: please move this comment to the Pimpin in my babymomma Prius thread.

    Here we go:
    With oily cloven hooves the rainbow maned obamygaycorn fulfills one of its beloved racial fantasies.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Cripes Van, this isn’t easy. Those things mock themselves. They engage in auto-mockery and they do it quite effectively. I am having a difficult time out-mocking them.


    I got nothing.

    If they are goofs, no more needs me said. They are good.

    If they are sincere attempts at glorifying Obama then oh. my. God. They are fucking disturbing.

  3. Air Force Brat says:

    Is that suntan oil that the unicorn with the wondrously muscular buttocks is rubbing on what’s-his-name’s back???

  4. slaphappypap says:

    It’s like a car accident. I can’t stop staring in shock.