I’ve always known that “they” are wrong

I was three years old when my Uncle went to Vietnam. I was barely aware of that, and even less aware of what it meant. I watched the Evening News and every Ray-Ban wearing Door Gunner in a UH-1 that had “MARINES”. painted on the side of it was him. I was already wise beyond my years, but didn’t know it. It was only later on in life that I would realize how every Marine Corps Door Gunner and Crew Chief I have seen in my life IS him.

I couldn’t follow much of what was being said on the Evening News, it was all about the pictures for me. I was looking for my Uncle while I watched a television program that seemed a lot like a movie, but the movie was broken up into little pieces. The Evening News was an interesting show. I liked the guy who did most of the talking because he was the same guy who was always down at Cape Kennedy when the Astronauts blasted off into Space. It was like he was a teacher in a classroom. Yes, I was wise beyond my years and didn’t know it. Everyone watching good ole Walter Cronkite was being taught something they might not have otherwise formulated on their own.

I remember watching a report from Khe Sahn with a correspondant crouching and talking real fast, but all I could pay attention to was the burning C-130 in the background, being swarmed by a small group of men with knives and axes trying to break through the cockpit glass and rescue the Pilot. I never saw if they got him out, but the news report ended with the camera focused on smoke and flames pouring out of the broken cockpit glass. I don’t remember exactly what Walter Cronkite was saying, but I remember how he was acting and I knew something was wrong with that.

There was something else that was wrong with his show. More and more I was seeing these long-haired “Teenagers” as I called them, disgracing the American Flag. They were acting like Hoodlums. Pretty soon I started seeing people that looked like the Hoodlums on TV down at the Main Street McDonalds. It was the old school McDonalds with outdoor tables and a walk-up window. Long haired “Teenagers” were hanging out there all the time and there was always Police there with their lights flashing. Soon we didn’t go to McDonalds anymore because my Mother heard that there were a bunch of drugs going around up there.

I watched how disrespectful these “Teenagers” were to adults, anyone with short hair and especially anyone in a military uniform. I knew at a young age that those people were just plain wrong, that they were bad. Of course there were people who could deal with some of the ones I saw on television, like Sergeant Joe Friday. It was probably because I was raised in a Christian home that I was provided the means by which I could discern that which was seemly, from that which was unseemly.

I remember how the culture that took shape began to degrade the values many families like mine hold dear. I knew that “they” were wrong. I remember how ineffectual my Country seemed in the years that followed and I wondered why that was. In my heart I knew that they were wrong, but I wasn’t old enough to know how to express it. They were in charge, they did all the talking.

Then an old man came along who talked about the things I knew in my heart were right. His name is Ronald Wilson Reagan. He talked about the things that made this Country strong and he inspired me. He helped shape my life for the better because he gave me a vision of how I could fight for what I believed in, rather than see them continually trampled by people with a warped sense of reality, unable to distinguish Good from Evil.

They said he was a mad man. They, who I had watched since my early childhood. They, who I always knew in my heart were wrong. They watched him conquer Evil and They opposed him every step of the way.

They got their biggest break in 1992 when THEY made it to the White House. They went on to destroy the integrity associated with their elected office. They went on to insure that our military was a laboratory for social experimentation rather than a force equipping and training to face emerging threats. They helped insure that these emerging threats grew at a faster pace by authorizing the sale of military technology to them. They, in their social lives acted no different than those scroungy “Teenagers” at the McDonalds.

They continue to be who they always were only now they are much older. They have their objective, the one they have had all their lives, and they are running out of time. They still oppose the fight against Evil. They are still disrespectful of our military who are engaged in a fight for survival against this Evil. They still seek to destroy any voice of sanity that would help preserve the security of this Nation. They are exactly what I have known them in my heart to be, since my earliest childhood and throughout my life; THEY are WRONG!

Now they scream louder than ever. Doesn’t anybody realize who these people are? THEY are the ENEMY! THEY always have been.

One thing that they ARE NOT anymore, are the “Teachers”. THEY no longer control what is and isn’t News anymore. They have competition now. Their competitors are not educated on their campuses of Socialist Indoctrination. They will be defeated.

We were educated on the Battlefield. WE are stronger than THEY are. WE are are a Legion, THEY are but poor players who strut and fret their hours upon the stage and then are heard no more. They are clanging cymbals full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

WE will WIN!

We always do.

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2 Responses to I’ve always known that “they” are wrong

  1. MadBrad says:

    Just over Nine and a Half Years after I made this, my very first publication on THE Real Revo I get to come back and be the very first person to make a comment on it.


  2. C. L. says:

    If I had read this when you first wrote it, I would never have believed how much worse things would get shortly after you wrote it, and for 8 long years after.