Images of Washington D.C. on September 12th 2009

UPDATE – Check out the few video clips I have uploaded and added. More to follow tomorrow.


There is one question that nags at my soul this Tuesday morning, September 15th 2009. It is a question that has plagued me most of my life. Though I am exhausted from many long days and long hours of travel the question haunts me this morning.

Why must I always be THE Man?


That is a very difficult question to answer, especially so for many, many, many of the ladies here at the Real Revo most all of whom hate me but want me. I’ve realized by now that when a woman hates me it is merely emotional foreplay that leads to wanting me so much so that I’ve realized that there definitely IS something about me that makes me THE Man. I just wonder why it is that I always have to BE the man. Maybe it’s a result of watching Ric Flair do the same since I was a kid.

Saturday, September 12th 2009 is a day that will live with me forever. When I left work last Thursday afternoon I made the announcement to my co-workers that “I’m off to fight for my Country… Again” (Pronounced Uh-Ginn in the Forest Gump manner of speaking). All that day they asked me how many people I thought were going to be there. I could only say; “I don’t know but what I DO know is that I have to be there”. By the end of Saturday there were over 1.5 Million people attending the 9-12 Rally in Washington D.C. and who was the first person there that morning? That would be me, THE Man.

There are many reasons why I knew that I had to be there. Number One; The Real Revo is every bit what it says it is. If you are unfamiliar with what a REAL Revolution IS, then you should click on over to our historical section and do some reading. A REAL Revolution is no Revolution at all, in the classical sense you have probably come to know it as. It’s free men and women living their lives in full exercise of their unalienable God-given Rights without regard to the hazards presented by any force that would dictate otherwise. It’s in my Soul. It was put their by my Creator having been sustained by the Faith of my Fathers and Mothers throughout the many generations my family has lived here. Every generation has been given the burden of sustaining the Tree of Liberty with their blood. So it is, so it always will be.

Our Liberties have never been without cost. As was the case this past Saturday, the cost of Victory for me was a round-trip ticket on Amtrak ($180.00) Beer to and from Quantico, Virginia ($100.00) Misc. Expenses (Shit, I don’t know). I had private accommodations free of charge and was not allowed to pay for any for the food or gallons of beer consumed while in the company of my first military hero I ever knew.

This trip was way more than me going to a protest at the Capitol. Wisdom was being passed to me be the Patriarch of our family. If I am to achieve my fullest potential I must always seek Wisdom in places where I know it can be found. It’s all part of being THE Man. Our first stop was the National Museum of the Marine Corps. That museum is one of our true National Treasures. You walk through it with goose bumps and a lump in your throat from beginning to end. The only proper end to the experience is a stop at Tun Tavern for cold beer. Because of the company I was in, rounds were purchased for me. Because of the company I was in it was my honor to do the same for others. The Marines of today are made of the same iron my first military hero is. The same is true of them that was said of me and the fellow Paratroopers of my day by retired General James Gavin when he said; “You’re even better than the men of the Division I had the honor of commanding”. The young men and women that defend our Country today are much more advanced than the generations that preceded them. I must say that the young Marines I shared company with last Friday exemplified this fact to the highest degree. I get a little choked up thinking about it right now.

We had to get to dinner early but the beer continued to flow as the future of our family was discussed at great length. I am now secure in the knowledge that our family has the means to secure itself in the event that the course this Nation is on will not be reversed. It gives me the peace of mind that allows me to be more productive in my efforts to help prevent a national disaster if it is to be prevented at all. If it cannot be prevented I now know that my family will be able to weather the storm.

Though the evening gave me great peace of mind the alcohol consumption gave me great pounding of head and nausea of stomach but I was on my feet at 0500 and in the shower to begin my recovery. With coffee and a chicken biscuit that I could barely finish I crossed the 14th Street Bridge. The streets of D.C. were quiet, oddly so. I was dropped off at the Washington Monument and the only people within sight were the morning joggers and some U.S. Army military formation running PT. My heart sank. Nobody was there. I was sure I was where I was supposed to be but began to wonder if there had been a last minute change of plans. As I walked the grounds of the Washington Monument committing illegal acts to help clear my hangover I saw one protestor with his one sign. I realized that I was in the right place and I was the very first person to get there. I had lived up to the maxim laid out by General Nathan B. Forest when he said the key to Victory is getting to the battlefield “First with the Most”. This was yet another Victory for The Real Revo, to be there first with cameras on hand to record the events of a historic battle against a government that has chosen to be unresponsive, insulting and downright dangerous to the citizenry.

I’ve got much more to say, but since a picture says a thousand words and says them better than I can, let’s just enjoy some images. I’ve got a LOT more editing to do. The PC at home wants to crash because I’ve got it too loaded up. I will have more video completed tonight after I have dumped some stuff to make more room for it.

More of my 9-12 Tea Party Videos can be found HERE

















Hitman Bret Hart or Tom Petty?






























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10 Responses to Images of Washington D.C. on September 12th 2009

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Great post as usual. I loved this photo. What an insane group of mouth frothing right wing radicals.

  2. DarthJay says:

    Ah, Brad. Your humbleness never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    Brad is the embodiment of Ying/Yang duality. I have never seen in any one individual such a mix of bent-knee humbleness and arrogant self-regard. It seems to work for him.

  4. Notamobster says:

    Once again, RD you stated my thoughts, just in a more eloquent manner (inre: Brad). Hillarious, biting wit and humility.

  5. Tatersalad says:

    Does anyone recognize any of the attached people in the video below??


  6. BaconNeggs says:

    Hey MB, representing from the dawns early light, thankyou for sharing your photos and videos.

    O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hoped at the twilight’s last gleaming?

    I am an ocean away but feel much closer because of your post.

  7. Mad Brad says:

    Thank you B&E. I’ve got more coming. Gotta do tricks to make my computer work without crashing tonight and I’ll be ready to publish more tomorrow.

  8. Air Force Brat says:

    Mad Brad, thank you for your awe-inspiring narrative and uploads.

    Wish I could have gone to DC, but I did at least go to the one in OKC. I’d give anything to know how many attended nationwide.

  9. Mad Brad says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments. I’m currently experiencing problems with my home computer associated with it being old and full of shit just like me. I worked to fix the problem until I was cross-eyed and had to go to bed. My efforts will continue this evening.

    The video may not be as timely as it should be, but because the mainstream media didn’t cover it they will be fresh to you and inspirational every time you watch them.

  10. James says:

    I like
    “The Core of Liberalism Is