Full Circle


full circle

I’m going to have to go back to school; our language has changed so much I’m not sure I can communicate in what traditionally has been called ‘English’.  Better throw some of the new-fangled sciency-type classes in there, too.

Add “Non-binary” to the list of shit I don’t understand.

An Oregon judge ruled Friday that a transgender person can legally change their sex to “non-binary” rather than male or female in what legal experts believe is a first in the United States.  Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Amy Holmes Hehn legally changed 52-year-old Jamie Shupe‘s sex from “female” to non-binary.

Is there some kind of ice-bucket challenge going on in the gender identity circles these days?  A sort of one-upmanship that has gone amok?

Some of my favorite parts of this story include:

“It’s really exciting for the courts to actually recognize what we know to be true: gender is a spectrum,” Haque said. “Some people don’t identify as male or female.”

True, some people don’t identify as male or female (apparently).  But gender is not ‘a spectrum’ — it’s rather well defined biologically at the chromosomal level. Cosmetically,  you can put on a dress and heels and be the Belle of the Ball.  Anatomically, you can install fake breasts and chop off all your man parts.  But at the most fundamental building block level — you are who you are, regardless of how you ‘identify’.

My gender identity has never been male, but I feel like I have to own up to my male biology. Being non-binary allows me to do that. I’m a mixture of both. I consider myself as a third sex.”

You can consider yourself a potted fern for all I care, but that doesn’t actually make you one.  Which has absolutely no bearing on my life until this sort of psychosis breaches over into the real world in the form of men showering in girls locker rooms and whatnot. And, by the way, don’t expect or demand that become an enabler of what even gender reassignment specialists acknowledge as a mental illness.

Previously, I was content to just write off  “Jamie” as simply a train wreck.  A person so confused and unhappy that their life was beyond miserable.  But if putting on mommy’s clothes made them feel better so be it.  No problem.  And if your unhappiness was so deeply rooted that the only thing that could bring you a modicum of peace was to lop off your tally whacker — well, ok with that too I guess.  You’re deep in Make Believe Land, but that’s OK.

What’s NOT ok is forcing the rest of society to play Make Believe with you.  And that’s what’s happening.

“It’s [not having ‘binary’ as an option] a huge barrier to being able to live your life, to having a driver license, to employment, to having records about your life, transcripts, all of those things,” Haque said. “In all the ways our lives are gendered in ways they frankly don’t have to be, it can be a barrier for people whose identities aren’t easily put in a box.”

The ‘huge barrier” to not being able to live your life is failing to find a competent psychiatrist. And having to choose “M” or “W”  without the option of “B” at the DMV does not affect your ability to get a driver’s license in the least ( but certainly understand the employment thing).  After all, anyone hiring you is basically opening themselves up for litigation on multiple fronts the least of which is not providing a binary or restroom or other similar nonsense accommodation.

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7 Responses to Full Circle

  1. Van-a-gram says:

    Oh, and the judge has just opened up the state of Oregon for all kinds of discrimination suits. Do think Jamie is going to wait a week or a month before suing the DMV for not having “Binary” as an option now that it is his /her/it’s LEGAL designation? Same for employment applications, tax returns, medical records, school admissions, public accomodations — you name it.

    I predict Jamie is going to be a very wealthy litigation machine.

  2. Trebor Snoyl says:

    I would “IT”, just Pat.

  3. mr_bill says:

    Non-binary? Next, they’ll be forcing the construction of a special bathroom because they’re “offended” at having to choose from a “binary choice” of restrooms.

  4. MadBrad says:

    Tonight, right now actually, our local School Board is conducting a public meeting that addresses the action by our School Board Superintendent to make local policy mimic Obama’s announced Federal policy on bathroom assignment. No notice prior to today has gone out to the public. I guess that timing is everything.

  5. notamobster says:

    I couldn’t imagine how much angrier I would be if only my morality were rooted a little deeper. I have to just give up to keep from losing my fucking mind on people and their gender-non-specific stupidity.

  6. Rich says:

    Non-binary huh. Well, just sticking with positive whole numbers, I guess Jamie can be a tri-sexual, quadro-sexual, penta-sexual … pretty much an anywhere from 3 to 3 million or more sexual. I’ve not a clue what any of that means. But it sure is weird. And for sure, I hope everyone steers clear of Jamie sexually – because she is dangerous.

  7. RUDE JUDE says:

    Gee, since when did the Bill of Rights say that only SOME of our population could have EXTRA rights? Time for tort reform or whatever for sure. It’s gonna be an even bigger circus before long with the freaky deeks as the ring masters.