Conservatives Are Destroying Leftists With New Debate Tactic


This morning, Andy Eat-a-bag-of-Mc-Dicks, said that “there is no reason for anyone to own that many clips”. It reminded me of a brief essay I’d read recently that exposed a recent trend in conservative debate.

To begin with, I’ll give you a primer on effective debate. You will likely recognize much of this if you frequent this site, as the writers here tend to start from, and continue on, a position of logic-based reasoning. This site is one of very few where the principals involved (writers and audience) try not to stray very far from the anchor point of reason. Yes, it occurs, especially when trolled or attacks on character are perceived.

Most commonly practiced on this site is an informal type of Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Cases are laid out as a logical syllogism (to prove that the topic [resolution] is either right or wrong) with reason, most often, as the lone adjudicator of reason-based and thus, universally-applicable, morality judgments. We here are generally not moved by emotional appeal or any of the many logical fallacies so often used by the leftist crybabies (and increasingly those on the right). Hell, some of us even enjoy making them cry.

A proper discussion (debate) of morality judgments (as policy) requires that both sides begin from a good-faith position of respect, honesty, and desire to understand the opposing view (even if only to more thoroughly destroy said view in the future).

These good-faith positions are nearly impossible to begin with for most leftists because they are generally lying about their position. To wit:

• If you like your doctor…
• We need common sense gun safety…
• Don’t ask, don’t tell…

Leftists rarely ever lead with their true intention, because their true intention is the absolute control, domination, and ultimate destruction of any and all who oppose their warped world view. This is true in relation to Healthcare, Welfare, Gun Control, Property Rights, Environmental Protection, ad nauseum.

They will lie and slander, accuse and berate, scream, cry, and run away if you don’t comply with their childish demands to honor their view. As a result, a not inconsequential number of conservatives have taken up a new debating tactic with regard to debating gun control. The tactic is simple, effective, and long-overdue.

When leftists start talking about anything related to Gun Control, “Gun Safety”, and several other political positions, conservatives simply tell them to go fuck themselves.

There is no sense in debating a person in good-faith when that person has an ulterior motive. They are beginning from a position of deceit and nothing you can or will say is going to change that. So, the next time someone brings up gun control, smile and tell them to fuck off. Then, go buy a new Scary Black Rifle, because, fuck you.

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25 Responses to Conservatives Are Destroying Leftists With New Debate Tactic

  1. roger says:

    vote trump or kiss your gun rights good bye.

    • C. L. says:

      Excellent, roger, excellent. Your post was the epitome of what this topic is about. Bravo.

      • Eddie Willers says:

        I didn’t know that I needed Trump to keep my gun rights. I thought that a right existed no matter who was president, king, prime minister, etc? That doesn’t mean that I might not be required to fight to keep it, but it’s not their’s to give, nor take, from me.

  2. notamobster says:

    Is this the same Trump who just said he’s willing to entertain gun control discussions?

    The one who supported the “assault weapons” ban? That Trump?

    It’s your turd sandwich. You made it, you eat it.

  3. DocO says:

    Good post Nota.

  4. MadBrad says:

    I does save a lot of time and energy to get to what will be the inevitable conclusion of an otherwise ling-winded conversation, as quickly as possible.

  5. fasttimes says:

    i approve of this message.

  6. Jim22 says:

    “So, the next time someone brings up gun control, smile and tell them to fuck off. Then, go buy a new Scary Black Rifle, because, fuck you.”

    And a couple of ten-packs of standard capacity 30-round magazines, too. $117.99 at Brownells right now.

  7. C. L. says:

    Here is a point that should not ever be up for debate. If I wanted to, I could have as many MAGAZINES as I want, Andy, because it is an inalienable right. If I wanted 100,000 magazines, 10,000 AR-15s, and 99 million rounds of ammunition, the Constitution says I can. You know what they would be for? Battling against a government who tries to take them away, or any other right away. They are not for hunting, or for a shooting hobby. They are to keep the government in check.

    You, Andy, should be very afraid of any government who wants to take away the means for you to protect yourself FROM THEM.

  8. roger says:

    if you think hillary clinton will protect your gun rights better then trump vote for her majesty.

  9. Ray Davies says:

    But, But, But, It’s for the children.

  10. Mark says:

    There is nothing but bad no matter what happens with this election… God save the republic….

    • notamobster says:

      Yeah, we’re screwed, either way.

      Not. One. More. Inch.

      • FlatEarther says:

        A Coworker of mine came up laughing and smiling an ask me if I had buried my firearms yet.

        I asked why.

        He said “Because they’ll be coming from your guns!”

        I gave him a dead pan stare and said “Good!”

        He didn’t know what to say, and just walked away.

        with you nota

        Not. One. More. Inch.

        • notamobster says:

          What fool goes against the federal government with semi-automatic rifles?

          Lay down your arms.

          Come and take them.

  11. Tamquam says:

    Given that with leftards the issue is never the issue, counter attack the issue. That is, if they want to talk about banning assault weapons, you already know they are promoting the disarmament of the citiznes. So, rather than argue assault weapons and the 2nd amendment, cut to the chase and simply attack their hidden agenda.

    Leftard: Nobody needs an assault weapon to hunt deer.
    Rightie: So you are in favor of rape. How disgusting! You are an evil person.
    Leftard: No! I’m opposed to rape!
    Rightie: No you’re not. You love rape because you want to make women helpless in the face of their attackers. You are despicable.

    Just step around their virtue signalling opening and hit ’em with their moral disregard for the consequences of their true position. Give no quarter. Make ’em cry.

  12. Ed says:

    Yep. Well played, Sir.