Giuliani is Right

hey jackass

When he said BLM is focused on the wrong things.  If you are a black man, you have 99% greater chance of getting shot by another black man v. a cop.

You never, NEVER hear of BLM protests in Chicago.  Unless it involves a white cop.

YTD in Chicagoland there have been 2,115 people shot.

In the 340 identifiable homicide cases, 263 victims were black (77%). When an assailant can be determined (another sad statistic– 270 of the 340 result in no arrest) it is also disproportionately black (67%).  Police represent 5% — spread out across Black, White and Hispanic and ‘Other’ — all police shootings.

The cops aren’t killing black men.  Other black men are killing black men by an order of magnitude.  When is BLM going to address that?

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One Response to Giuliani is Right

  1. Uke says:

    George Bush doesn’t care about black people.