The Butcher’s Bill

In the past 12 months:

Chattanooga, TN                                  6 killed, 2 wounded by jihadist

Merced, CA                                          1 killed, 4 wounded by jihadist

San Bernardino, CA                             16 killed, 23 wounded by jihadists

Philadelphia, PA                                   1 cop shot by jihadist

Columbus, OH                                      1 killed, 4 wounded by jihadist

Orlando, FL                                           50 killed, 53 wounded by jihadist

This is just in the US.  I can’t begin to list of the frequency and horror of such attacks abroad — it’s daily. But suffice to say YTD 2016 is something around 1,290 separate terrorist attacks killing over 11,800 people and wounding another 14,300.

And that assumes the media even reports it.  For some reason, they do not like to report attacks on Israelis as terrorist attacks 

And now we have a new, home-grown form of terrorist. BLM is quick becoming our US-flavored ISIS.  Over 31 police officers have been shot year to date most notably BLM and Obama-inspired ambushes of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.  And it doesn’t look good for a Kansas City police officer shot today (“multiple suspects ran from the scene“).  I’m betting ambush.  Again.

The BLM-types are trying to make their case in a similar way by listing out all the people “Killed by Police” with the inference that the police are a murderous, untamed execution squads.  If you click any of the links to get the details, they  almost always read “Police shoot armed intruder” or “Police shoot knife wielding man” or similar.  You know, completely unjustified and all that.

And we’re only 1/2 way through 2016.  When you have over 160 killed or wounded by domestic jihadists, you would think something would change.  When you have police officers gunned down by race-hating & race-baiting thugs, you would think something would change.

What is that change and when is it coming?

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9 Responses to The Butcher’s Bill

  1. FlatEarther says:

    And how do you do this without destroying your society?

    (Sarc on)

    I bet a national police force would fix all of these problems!

    (Sarc off)

  2. Squib Load says:

    No change will be coming anytime soon. The Left will double down. Their solutions to Islamic terrorism will be: importing more Muslims, more gun control, and a bigger security state to enforce all the diversity.

    It’s a classic case of transference. Deep down in their depraved hearts progressives know damn well that Muslim refugees are disproportionately violent. Likewise, they know BLM is full of shit.

    But they can’t abide that reality. It clashes with their most cherished beliefs. It would be like an evangelical renouncing Jesus or Revo endorsing Trump. Can’t happen.

    So they transfer their cognitive dissonance onto Republicans/Whites/Cops/whomever. It’s all to ease their pain of self-doubting. These people are so fucked in the head that some Muslim could break into their homes and rape their daughter and they’d double down on needing gun laws.

  3. roger says:

    trump gets nomination of republican party. if your for sharia law your out of here!

  4. C. L. says:

    Maybe we are now in the change that was promised to us by Obama. Our culture and society has turned into a violent, Clockwork Orange clown circus and freak show. Our culture is now a sick parody of culture. It’s hippie counter-culture x 1,000. We need another change, soon.

  5. MadBrad says:

    The day Obama was elected I knew that the days we are now living would play out. I knew that we would have War in our streets. The only way to win a War is to kill the Enemy. That’s when it will end.

  6. Bill says:

    I’m not disputing your overall point but in the case of the Orlando shooting, as I understand it, there were 49 innocent deaths plus the animal. I wouldn’t include him among the killed. I don’t know if the other examples also include the murderers.

  7. C. L. says:

    “When you have police officers gunned down by race-hating & race-baiting thugs, you would think something would change.
    What is that change and when is it coming?”

    I can almost guarantee you that, if this administration makes any changes because of police officers being killed by thugs, we will not like it, because the change will be towards a more totalitarian state.

    As far as I am concerned, this administration has shown that they are solidly on the side of the thugs. They can keep the change for now.

    Remember, Obama lit the white house purple for Prince and rainbow for gay marriage, but refused blue for murdered cops.