Bman’s Bits: DIY Cat Fun House

Cost: about $40.

Materials needed:

1. At least 2 cases of beer, preferably refreshing Pabst Blue Ribbon.
2. Empty cases of said beer.
3. Duct tape.
4. B.A.C. .16 or greater


1. Drink a lot of refreshing Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
2. ???
3. Build a fun house for your cat out of the remaining empty cases of beer.

Est. time to complete- 2.4 days

tuna house

My Cat Tuna, thanking me for my days of work.

tuna house 2

Not everything on this blog has to be about political bullshit…

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6 Responses to Bman’s Bits: DIY Cat Fun House

  1. Greg B says:

    “I heartily endorse this post.”

  2. Rich says:

    Whaaaaaahahahahahahahaha! My best to Tuna.

  3. MadBrad says:

    I think Sugar (Pronounced Shuug-shuug-shuugidy-buug-shuugiddy-snuugidy-wuuugidy-buug) would absolutely love one of these. I like the thoughtful addition of the footwear playground just out back. Sugar can’t get enough of my sandals, for some reason. I might get to work on one of these this weekend.

  4. fasttimes says:

    i have found this type of thing is wildly popular with my year and a quarter year old. She is much more interested in the box said item comes in, than the actual item……unless its food. she takes after her dad on that part.