“Is Something Nefarious Probing the Entire Internet for Weakness?”

This is an article in Popular Mechanics.

“Reports indicate someone might be slowly learning to take it all down.”


According to Bruce Schneier, an expert on cybersecurity who has previously spoken to Popular Mechanics about topics such as infrastructure hacking and airport security, something or someone is slowly and systematically testing the limits of the systems that make up the very framework of the internet.

The weapon of choice appears to be Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, in which actors with billions-strong armies of virus-infected “zombie” PCs (called botnets) direct torrents of internet traffic at their target until it collapses under the weight. If you visualize it, it looks something like this:

The little dots are incoming requests, and the paddle is the server darting around to deal with them and send them back. You can probably figure out which ones are legitimate, and which one are part of the attack.”

The dramatic music is a nice touch.

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