Violent Leftists? The Planet Made Them Do It

Sadly, I’m not kidding.

Not only does the analysis fall for the global warming climate hoax based on fraudulently manipulated temperature data and severe scientific fraud committed by the NOAA, it also seeks to dissociate violent left-wing rioters from any responsibility for their own behavior. In effect, the analysis asserts that “victims of global warming” are not responsible for their own hateful, destructive actions because, essentially, “the planet made them do it.”

This fits perfectly with the victimology of the hate-filled Left, which now openly justifies murdering individuals they don’t like in order to halt their free speech. It also reinforces the “victimology” philosophy of the failing Left by providing a convenient excuse for rioters who destroy property, commit arson and physically attack innocents. Their excuse is now, “global warming made me do it.”

Let’s examine the assertions in the analysis published by Courtney Plante, postdoctoral “fellow” at Iowa State University and Craig A. Anderson, billed as “a Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University.”

Rioters aren’t responsible for their actions… it’s global warming!

“When people get uncomfortably hot, their tempers, irritability, and likelihood of physical aggression and violence increase,” says the analysis, implying that global warming somehow turns all of society into a kind of “Hell’s Kitchen” sweltering oven that relieves people of responsibility for their actions.

To state what should be obvious by now, even the most ardent supporters of global warming assert that global temperatures have risen very slightly, from an average of about 57 degrees (F) to just barely over one degree higher (58.7 degrees). Are we now to believe that people calmly sitting in a root at 57 degrees will become enraged, violent rioters at 58.7 degrees? That’s the absurdity put forward by these scientists.

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8 Responses to Violent Leftists? The Planet Made Them Do It

  1. TxMan says:

    I’d say that this is un-freakingbelievable, but sadly, it’s almost foreseeable given their history! Dam…

  2. notamobster says:

    In Iowa, no less. What kind of show are you running over there, RD?

  3. notamobster says:

    There’s a town in South Louisiana called Iowa. The locals, for some reason, pronounce it “Ah-oh-ayh” (with the long A).

    I think it’s nothing more than abject defiance of all things Yankee-Land.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      In Iowa we have a town called Nevada. They pronounce it nuh-VAY-duh.

      We have a town called New Madrid. They pronounce it New MAD-rid.

      We have a town called Monticello. They pronounce it Monty-sello.

      We have a town called Delhi. They pronounce it DEL-high.

      We have a town called Tripoli. They pronounce it trip-O-la.

      Makes you wonder.

  4. sortawitte says:

    In Oklahoma, we have a town called norman.
    We pronounce it: liberal assholes.

  5. Dave J says:

    Progressive Liberals feel better if they can blame their problems on something or someone else. Its all about feelings with liberals.