Revo Retreat: Angler’s Lodge & Cabins – Almost Missoula, Mt

Angler’s Lodge & Cabins is actually an hour south in some of the prettiest country you’ll ever see, among some of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet.

This post is the initial gauge of availability and willingness. Plan will be refined from here.

How many are planning to attend the

Third Not-Quite-Annual Real Revo Reader’s Retreat

? I’m looking at a location an hour south of Missoula, Mt. I spent a bit of time there on my slow meander back from Yellowstone with the wife & kids. The Bitteroot Valley is absolutely stunning. The people are friendly and warm and they love ’em some guns. There is also an Armscor outlet store with great pricing for those who may be into shooting and like cheaply priced ammo.

Okay, folks – Here’s your chance:

April 26-30, Hamilton, Mt, The Angler’s Lodge & Cabins. Who’s in?

I’ll refine it with more personal info once I gauge interest – and password protect the future posts.

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23 Responses to Revo Retreat: Angler’s Lodge & Cabins – Almost Missoula, Mt

  1. notamobster says:

    That freaking Ukrainian better come this time, too!

  2. C. L. says:

    I cannot make it work. Dammit. You picked an area I’ve wanted to visit/live in since I was a kid. I read every mountain man book I could find and wanted to live out there. It’ll have to remain a dream for now.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    I will go.

    I have hunted elk around Piquett Mountain in Bitterroot National Forest right near there.

  4. notamobster says:

    If anyone is driving from the south or southeast, I have an incredible backroad for you to take. It’s worth every second. I can even share pictures.

  5. TxMan says:

    Hey, I’m interested. Talking to the wife about it this evening. I’d really like to meet some of the fine folks from the Revo! Please keep me posted…Thx

  6. MadBrad says:

    Departing for Germany on the April 29th. I can’t take off any more time until August and then have to go to Ft. Bragg.

  7. mr_bill says:

    I’d love to shake hands with you fine people and enjoy some time in God’s country. There’s no chance of me getting away to do it, though.

  8. Son of the Rabbit People says:

    I’d love to meet you guys but there’s no way I can get away any time soon. Regards!

  9. Woodface says:

    Awww man…. I would love to, but I have some stuff scheduled already for that week.

    • Woodface says:

      …on the 28th, no less.

      I couldn’t even get there before I would have to start heading back to the airport.

  10. Jim22 says:

    I’m in but it doesn’t sound like many others can make it. Hamilton, MT is an interesting town. It’s dominated by a tall smokestack from an earlier business. On the river there is, or was, an RV campground that is overrun with tame rabbits. We stayed there. The town is on the Bitteroot highway that, going south over the pass, leads you to Salmon, Idaho where Elmer Kieth once lived.

  11. Ben says:

    I could make it work. I think.

    It sounds like many others can not would we be interested in evaluating a May weekend?

    May is better for me anyway in general.

  12. notamobster says:

    After the first week in may, i can’t do it til august. I’m open to waiting. What say y’all?

  13. Bman says:

    I was married in Hamilton. Shiiiiiiiit…..

  14. Dave J says:

    Is ice off by then?
    Brad, can you say where you are going in Deutschland?

    • MadBrad says:

      The Frankfurt area mostly, among other places. I am being forced to take this trip. I can’t get out of it. We have a planned outing to Munich. I wish we were going to Berlin. I want to see the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

      • Pumpkin19 says:

        I just got back from Europe about a month ago. Was in Berlin and stayed just down the street from Checkpoint Charlie. Very cool. You’ll like Munich though; really traditionally German. Hope you get the chance to have some fun while you’re there!

      • Rich says:

        Don’t know how much time you’ll have in Munich, but a side trip to Dachau is worth the time and it is just a short bit outside Munich. As best I recall I did the side trip to Dachau from Munich in an afternoon.

      • Rich says:

        A bit of info on a Dachau side trip from Munich.

        Travel from Munich to Dachau

  15. sortawitte says:

    Sioux and I can’t make the last week in April. We’re committed to another get together on the west coast of Florida.

  16. Rich says:

    RD – between moving and $ Missoula is pretty much a no go. But if there were a chance, August would be better.