This is apparently old News, but news to me…..

The City of New York officially recognizes THIRTY ONE different genders.   One of them, “gender-fluid” basically means you ‘relate’ as male or female differently on a day-to-day basis.  This used to be conveniently (and much more appropriately) called “psychotic” but apparently that is now ‘intolerant’.  We must now tolerate psychosis.

I can only imagine the havoc this creates in getting things like a driver’s license. “Excuse me, I don’t see  Non-Binary Transsexual as an option on this form. And my partner is a Two-spirit Genderqueer which I don’t see, either.”

Shouldn’t they be required to have 31 different bathrooms? Minimally, any New Yorker can shower anywhere they want on any given day simply by claiming to be Pangender (all genders simultaneously).

This is the outcome of embracing liberal ideology to the max.


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5 Responses to This is apparently old News, but news to me…..

  1. Uke says:

    Don’t forget about “gender fluid,” as well. That one is the real kicker.

    Gender Fluid denotes that one’s gender is in an ever-shifting state, and never fixed to one point or label. Like an amorphous chameleon that is male one week, female the next, and somewhere in between the week after.

    Perhaps not the most impressive X-Men mutation, but still probably better than Aquaman.

  2. BrunDawg says:

    Each snowflake is unique. They’re all the same that way.

  3. roger says:

    why trump won. sign in western pennsylvania on election day. trump digs coal clinton digs transgender bathrooms!

  4. sortawitte says:

    When the subject of sexual variation is discussed, I recall a conversation I had with my indian grandfather, a Kanza. We were fishing from the bank of a river. He served in WWI (the war to end all wars) as a blacksmith, shoeing the mules and horses that pulled the caissons, ambulances, etc. After the first time he was gassed, he was sent to Paris for a recovery leave. He related that Paris was the most decadent place he had ever been, not including Kansas City. He related going to a parade and seeing an ethiopian jug f*cker. I was only 12 and never got over the shock to ask him to explain.

  5. C. L. says:

    31 genders. For a preview of what Baskin-Robbins will look like in hell, visit the Big Apple now.

    What I hate about this is what it is doing to the malleable minds of young children. It’s government-sanctioned severe mental/sexual child abuse.