I really don’t understand. Really, truly I do not.


I am no Trump fan.  I have serious reservations about his ability to ‘make America great again’.  I agree with those who say he is a blowhard, thin-skinned ego maniac.  I do not agree with many of his policy positions.  I think (the extent of) his battle with the media is unwise. But that is pretty much where it stops.   Why?

The man has been President for 40 days.  40 days.  But if you go scooting around the interwebs, check any social media account, turn on any news report or even engage in a simple dialogue with anyone who is not a staunch Trump supporter, you’d think the earth had shifted on its axis and the gates of hell have swung open.  Just re-watch the Oscars.  The perpetual, relentless bombardment of vitriol towards the man is stunning.  I have never experienced anything like this.  The protests, the marches, the boycotts, the sit-ins, the walk-outs — you name it — every single thing that is bad is Donald Trumps fault, and anything that is good is celebrated as a victory  ‘in spite of him being President’.

The left (and the middle, and even the right-leaning middle) have pegged the volume level at 11 on every single thing the man does.  Or doesn’t.  Or should do.  Or isn’t doing.  I think the left may have actually depleted their inventory of labels, which is also shockingly difficult.  Racist, Xenophobe, Misogynist, Terrorist, War-Monger, Nazi — I’m not sure there is a negative label that has not been ascribed to DJT.  I read a comment somewhere that said if DJT woke up this morning and walked on water, the left would shriek, “Trump can’t swim!”.  How true.

I understand the left is mostly comprised of fragile snowflakes suffering from an epic dose of butt hurt over the election.  I get that the feminist movement feels that DJT’s victory over Hillary (or anyone that may have a vagina) is akin to beating puppies with broomsticks.  But seriously, what has DJT actually done to warrant this?  Has he begun to implement policies that he campaigned on?  Yep.  Has he selected those advisors and cabinet positions that he believes will support his agenda?  Yep.  Is he saying and doing the things he said he would do?  Largely, yes.  And 63 million people put him there to do those things.

But no action, announcement or policy position that I can see that could possibly warrant the unhinged, borderline psychotic froth spewing from the left, left elites and media.  I honestly do not get it.  Truly.

Going back to the election of Obama eight years ago, I really felt some crazy racist SOB might take a shot at him.  That was a very real concern of mine.  But given this unprecedented hatred — guttural, visceral  hatred– of Trump I am feeling even more concerned.  While the conservative right can get angry, there is usually some counterbalance of logic at play.  I see none of that here.  I see hatred coupled to illogical and raw emotion.  And the left’s echo chamber is the size of the Grand Canyon. That’s not good.  It makes already unbalanced people very, very dangerous.

Oh, and the witches are now out to get him.

Starting at midnight on Friday, witches around the country are calling for a mass spell to be cast on Donald Trump every night of a waning crescent moon until he’s driven from office.

If that’s not “moonbat” I’m not sure what is.


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7 Responses to I really don’t understand. Really, truly I do not.

  1. MadBrad says:

    When anyone includes in their anti-Trump rant, “It’s amateur hour at the White House”, my response is “Yes and given what we have seen that the professionals are capable of I find it to be quite refreshing”.

  2. Frank in Texas says:

    The difference between the left and the right is explained by the difference between the reaction to Obama being elected and to Trump being elected. The right did not like Obama’s politics and policies so they buckled down and elected people to oppose him. The left hates Trump with the heat of a thousand suns but their only weapon is vitriol, lies and violence since they cannot convince enough voters to back their socialist, communist agenda. Trump has done nothing in the first six weeks of his administration to deserve the gutter sniping that the left has sent his way. The next four years will not be pretty if things continue this way.

  3. C. L. says:

    I feel the same way and I’ve tried to explain it, but I never did as well as you (Van-a-gram). I’m beginning to think the left had something very, very nasty in store for this country and fully expected Hillary to win. Obama has been softening us up and wearing us down for 8 years and their time was ripe. The deep state was in place. The children were mostly indoctrinated. The college kids were brainwashed to the point of incoherent, illogical, religious fervor. And much deserved was their promised, imminent, glorious time with Hillary in the White House, according to them. Cue the Star Wars evil empire music. She’s in! Hurrah! Further, I think a few Republicans currently in power were okay with whatever the left planned on doing to this country. Then, oops, Trump just completely obliterated their plans. What’s more, he’s even destroying some of the vital groundwork they painstakingly put in place for years.

    Sounds crazy, hey? How else can you explain the completely illogical level of hatred and craziness coming from them right now? Something beyond normal is going on right now on the left. That’s what makes it so hard for me to act as if the media is “doing what they are supposed to do” in being the people’s watchdog. I don’t buy it; there are just too many things stacking up to believe that.

  4. DarthJay says:

    The witches thing is what gets me. I am a Christian now, but I grew up in and around Salem, MA with an Aunt who was a practicing witch. Those folks take their craft seriously and there are definite spiritual implications to those who are not guirded up against it.

  5. BrunDawg says:

    Attorney General Eric Holder was the designated survivor and did not attend Obama’s February 2009 address to Congress in order to maintain a continuity of government. (according to Wikipedia).
    Feel any better?

  6. Ray Davies says:

    I tell people the country is big enough to survive any president for 4 or even 8 years. They don’t like the president, go to the party Hq and start volunteering for the next candidate.

    The manager of one of the local grocery stores was talking today and he has stopped listening to all TV news (including Fox). There is nothing but propaganda. I have to agree, sorry it can’t be fair and balanced like here.

  7. miforest says:

    correct. It has been clear since after the primay concluded that the GOP establishment is also down to battle with him.
    they have a pretty good gig as the ” loyal opposition” . They are funded by a subset of the democrat donors and have an agreed on set of issues like immagration , govt. spending, open borders,global trade, etc. they disagree on abortion , gun control and little else .

    Both sides of the establishment and the media that support them are going to go all in to protect their intrest.
    The tea party movement was a result of part of the republican base realizing that the party didn’t care about them. These same voters were the base of trumps support.
    They saw him as a chance to fight this cozy and dangerous arrangement. hell we had tried everything else, So .
    Trump blundered in and interupted this cozy arrangement.

    Hillary spent $1.2 BILLION on her campaign. Jeb Bush spent $150 mill in the primary. If you count the $ spent on house and senate primaries, the ammount is almost inconcievably huge. The donors of that money are not going to just go “aw shucks” and walk away. They are going to fight .

    we all kind of know who the Left is. on the GOP side ,
    I think the center of it seems to be the rove/Bush organization.

    In this 2012 book :

    this question was asked :

    ” But now that Rove is back in control of GOP political strategy and funding, there are pressing new questions: How did Rove do an end around on the Republican National Committee and build his own more powerful organization? ”

    I fear that they will stop at nothing. both left and right.