Cato: “ObamaCare-Lite — Or Worse”

Unlike the president, the Cato Institute does not think it is a wonderful bill.

This bill is a train wreck waiting to happen.

The House leadership bill isn’t even a repeal bill. Not by a long shot. It would repeal far less of ObamaCare than the bill Republicans sent to President Obama one year ago. The ObamaCare regulations it retains are already causing insurance markets to collapse. It would allow that collapse to continue, and even accelerate the collapse. Republicans would then own whatever damage ObamaCare causes, such as when the law leaves seriously ill patients with no coverage at all. Congress would have to revisit ObamaCare again and again to address problems they failed to fix the first time around. ObamaCare would consume the rest of Congress’ and President Trump’s agenda. Delaying or dooming other priorities like tax reform, infrastructure spending, and Gorsuch. The fallout could dog Republicans all the way into 2018 and 2020, when it could lead to a Democratic wave election like the one we saw in 2008. Only then, Democrats won’t have ObamaCare on their mind but single-payer.

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6 Responses to Cato: “ObamaCare-Lite — Or Worse”

  1. C. L. says:

    I was listening to Mark Levin a little while ago and I think he must have read and wholeheartedly agreed with this Cato opinion. He was calling it Rinocare.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

  3. R.D. Walker says:

  4. roger says:

    president trump should come out for medicare for all americans and yes the rich can buy supplements to keep insurance companies happy. this plan helps without hurting you believe in hurting without helping. that is why you and ted cruz lost. a vat tax and or border tax/tariffs to help pay for it. if we put it to a vote( we sorta did in last election) which would you rather git rid of medicare/medicade or those who advocate getting rid of medicare/medicade who do you think the american people would get rid of ? I once put this question to a gun controller vote to get rid of guns or get rid of gun grabbers he got angry too!

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Roger represents a not uncommon portion of Trump’s base: The crypto-socialist statist. He is effectively calling for the largest tax increase in American history in order to create a mandatory, government run socialized health care system.

      This is the state of the Republican Party.

  5. C. L. says:

    Uke recently said in another thread that Obamacare should be repealed outright, like ripping off a bandaid. Any solution that keeps the government involved in personal healthcare is not addressing the real problems in healthcare, so I agree with that.

    Health insurance does not work like any other type of insurance because the regulations have designed it to be sorely overused and abused. That’s just one thing wrong that they are ignoring.

    Here’s another. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could buy auto insurance two minutes after your big accident, and the insurance would have to cover it? You can do that with health insurance, and no one seems to see the huge problem with that.

    I’ve always been blessed to have had very good, employer-provided health insurance. I’m the type who knows that nothing is free, that if you cause money to be spent on our behalf, there will be a reaction to it. So, I hardly ever went to the doctor for anything. I still don’t until something gets to the point where it is impairing my ability to function productively, which is pretty darned rare. What always bothered me was those people in the same insured group as me that would take their kids to the doctor for every runny nose, scrape, hang nail, or bloody lip. And that would be added on to them going themselves for scores of completely unnecessary, but very expensive tests and diagnostic procedures. All that is another problem that drove the costs up so high.

    As an example, two years ago I had bad chest pains and my wife talked me into going to the doctor, who immediately sent me across the hall to the heart doc on hearing of the chest pain. Heart Doc checked my BP – normal, EKG – normal, heart size by x-ray – normal. Still not good enough for her – I swear she seemed disappointed by the results. She then scheduled me to come in for two unbelievably expensive tests – thousands of dollars each – that were covered by my insurance. I cancelled them within 10 minutes of hearing about them. WTF? And no one can figure out that if you provide everything for free like that, most people are going to take it?

    Health insurance has been an ongoing practice of millions of people repeatedly fucking up a free meal and thinking there will be no consequences for it. They also fucked it up for those of us who tried to use it in the way insurance is meant to be used. Fucking assholes. The only thing government involvement does is make that problem worse, if history is any judge.