Marines deploy in Syria

These aren’t snake eating SF operators. These are conventional boots on the ground.

Marines from an amphibious task force have left their ships in the Middle East and deployed to Syria, establishing an outpost from which they can fire artillery guns in support of the fight to take back the city of Raqqa from the Islamic State, defense officials said.

The deployment marks a new escalation in the U.S. war in Syria, and puts more conventional U.S. troops in the battle. Several hundred Special Operations troops have advised local forces there for months, but the Pentagon has mostly shied away from using conventional forces in Syria. The new mission comes as the Trump administration weighs a plan to take back Raqqa, the so-called capital of the Islamic State, that also includes more Special Operations troops and attack helicopters.

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17 Responses to Marines deploy in Syria

  1. roger says:

    { hope for our sakes as well as president trump this works out it usually doesn’t.

  2. Son of the Rabbit People says:

    Glad to see they’ve identified an enemy and are taking action to destroy that enemy. I probably stand in a minority here, but I believe swift and decisive action is necessary against the monster that is ISIS. Civilization can not co-exist with that evil. Must be done. I recommend overwhelming force.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I supported the action in Iraq because I thought it would result in a specific outcome. It didn’t. I don’t necessarily oppose this action but I do if the intended outcome is either null or negative. I don’t know how to judge it anymore.

  3. MadBrad says:

    What could possibly go wrong?

    The Devil Dogs will get the job done. The Marine Corps Artillery of today is far more accurate than the Russian Air Force. Marines and Iranians don’t mix and nor should they ever. There should be an adequate number of the correct people to provide defense against the IRGC. There had better be.

    I understand that killing the Enemy is a priority but this doesn’t feel good to me at all. Let the Russians and Iranians fight ISIS in Syria. Send these Marines to provide Fire Support in and around Mosul.

    • Son of the Rabbit People says:

      I think you’re probably right. The place to start the campaign is in Iraq where we bear some responsibility.

    • notamobster says:

      We’re already in Iraq. We’ve made great strides in Mosul, taking back the al-hurriya bridge and govt buildings.

      The next step is to push across and retake the Old City, where the fight’s gonna get nasty. The battle for Nineveh is on.

      I’d rather not be in any wars, but as long as we let our fighting men fight and get the job done, I support it.

  4. notamobster says:

    I support this on one condition:

    Allow our men to have unrestrictive ROE and win the fight.

    If the mission is to (actually) destroy ISIS command – and I believe it is – then I support it 100%! General Mattis said no more wars of attrition, we need o fight wars of annihilation…I agree. Total war or no war. No more hearts-and-minds, friendly-occupation bullshit.

    When we open the tap, it shouldn’t be turned off until the result is complete and unconditional surrender or destruction.

    If we don’t intend to let them win, we shouldn’t be there. I have no doubts that Trump wants our men to win.

    • Ray Davies says:

      Oh how I agree. We’ve had the damned pols involved in the ROEs since Viet Nam, and it never worked. The problem now is that Obama got rid of most of the military and I’m not really sure we have the manpower to fight a war anymore. I am all in favor of having some sort of compulsory service. Let these kids learn about the country and have to defend it. I’ve known a lot of draftees over the years and yes they were pissed that their number came up, but not about the job they did.

  5. Jim22 says:

    I guess I trust Mattis. He knows how to win wars. I don’t trust his boss though. If strict rules of engagement are laid on the men I think Mattis will return to retirement.

  6. rj says:

    I think she falls into the group a old sergeant of mine used to say ” if breathing was not an automated reflex 90 percent of the population would die”

  7. C. L. says:

    The article calls it our “war” with Syria. One thing we always bitched about with Obama was doing things like this without congressional approval. Did Obama ever get that for action in Syria? Does Trump have it this time? Is there a clear objective?