Commie Pope: Populism Is Evil; Declares Himself Fallible

He also declared himself fallible, which is promising… but the pope-ulist declaring populism evil, is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

Pope Francis has warned in an interview with a German newspaper of the dangers of rising populism in western democracies.

The pope told Die Zeit on Thursday “populism is evil and ends badly as the past century showed.”

He also said he rejects any kind of cult around the papacy and that he’s a normal believer just like everyone else.

Pope Francis defends right of Burma’s Rohingya Muslims to ‘live their faith’
Francis said that, “I don’t see myself as anything special… I’m a sinner, I’m fallible.”

In the first major interview that Francis has given a German newspaper, the pope was asked whether he experienced moments in which he doubted the existence of God. He responded: “I, too, know moments of emptiness.”

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6 Responses to Commie Pope: Populism Is Evil; Declares Himself Fallible

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    I am not defending the Pope or the Papacy here.

    I think the Pope is only claimed to be infallible regarding certain, rare declarations of the Church. Day-to-day, he is as fallible as anyone. Popes prove their fallibility constantly. Especially this one.

    I don’t know what Pope Karl Marx means by ‘populism’. I define populism as a ths:

    A political system in which one constituency, often just a bare majority or even a minority, is declared the ‘authentic people’ and one leader is declared their voice. Because they are authentic and noble, whoever is their voice is also noble and authentic. Any who oppose the authentic, noble voice of the people, therefore, are enemies of the people.

    If this is the definition of populism, I agree with the Pope. It is evil.

    • notamobster says:

      Me, too.

      My point is that Pope Marx is a populist to his bones…he only thinks that the other swing of the pendulum’s populism is evil.

      He has the authentic voice of the proletariat people, and the “other” is inauthentic and thus, evil.

      His claim is disingenuous, at best. He is merely the flip-side of the same populist con coin.

    • miforest says:

      RD you are correct that papal infallibility is extremely limited .

      The infallible teachings of the Pope must be based on, or at least not contradict, Sacred Tradition or Sacred Scripture. those teachings are called “EX cathedra” .
      they in no way apply to the normal faith life of the pope.

      On a side note, as a catholic, I am concerned that pope Benedict seem not to be as Ill as was feared. His unprecedented ” retirement ” is questionable .

  2. Greg says:

    Dear Pope,

    Tear down those Walls and bring in refugees.

  3. roger says:

    when and why did the pope become infallible? I think the year was 1867.