Friday Night at the Movies Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

Welcome to the Friday Night Movie and happy Saint Patrick’s Day. This is the first time the Real Revo Theater has been open on St. Patrick’s Day. Many of us many be enjoying some kind of festive observance today and as such any movie selection must enhance the enjoyment of this day. In spite of my Scottish Heritage I love St. Patrick’s Day. My early years were highly influenced by the Sisters of Mercy of Ireland who taught me reading, writing and ‘rithmetic at Saint Patrick’s Catholic School, home of the Fighting Irish.

I suppose that the main reason that I enjoy St. Patrick’s Day the way I do is because I have so many fond memories of St. Patrick’s Catholic School. A really cool thing about going to St. Patrick’s is that my Birthday is a Catholic Holy Day of Obligation, so I never had to go to school on my Birthday. It was during our annual fund raising Fall Bazaar that I first learned how to gamble. It was at the Friday Night Dance that I became a first class 70’s disco dancer adorned in the finest of leisure suits. It was there in the 8th Grade when I was scarred for life by Father O’Flaherty’s Sex Education Classes. Thankfully there were only two of them. He maintained a little alcohol buzz at all times and I feel sure that he got a lot of maintenance before each of those classes. I don’t know how I would have gotten through life without having a clear understanding of Beastiality at the age of 13. The biggest thing that happened at St. Patrick’s is that I made friends for life there, some of whom I once faced life in Prison with.

So it is with every St. Patrick’s Day that I celebrate a lot of very fond memories. Tonight is a good night to be sitting near a fire with a plate of Corned Beef Hash, Cabbage and Potatoes and a nice glass of Guinness standing by. I searched for a St. Patrick’s Day movie and came up empty handed. Then I started looking for Irish movies and found this. Big names in this one. It looks good.

I hope you will enjoy it…



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  1. roger says:

    these movies about the ira made are in britian. its like the movies made in russia about america.