Spicer gets ambushed by a SJW

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2 Responses to Spicer gets ambushed by a SJW

  1. Jim22 says:

    He was more polite than I would have been. I suggest he come up with a couple of questions to ask idiots like this. Something like, “Do you know what a fascist is?”. Or, “Do you practice putting the whininess in your voice?” Or how about, “Get out of my face or I’ll call a cop.”

  2. DarthJay says:

    I really never understood the idea of bothering anybody with any kind of “celebrity” status outside of work-related events. The guy is at the Apple store trying to conduct parts of his personal life…leave him alone. I don’t care if you’re Sean Spicer, Jay Carney or Ryan Reynolds.

    If you see famous person at a promotional event? Go crazy. If you see a famous person trying to have dinner with their family? Leave them alone. I get the whole idea of you made the choice to live this life and this is the trade off, but it’s gotten out of hand.