It’s Okay When Democrats Do It

This does not rise to the level of being a threat against the President, I guess. I see it differently. Putting all the white people in whiteface is a racist comment. Shooting the President in the head while singing, “One shot one kill”, is not designed to create racial harmony – nor harmony of any kind. Third, there are some hip-hoppers who will be encouraged by videos like this. We have seen it with Ferguson, Baltimore, many places. But before the videos were about rioting and burning.

Apparently Mr. Dogg thought he could mitigate the threat by showing a ‘Bang’ flag pop out of the gun barrel. That is not included in the clip below.

“Snoop Dogg Fires Gun at President Trump’s Head in New Rap Video”

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  1. miforest says:

    better write up of the same thing.