Did You Ever Notice That The News Media Covers Democrats Differently Than Republicans?

It’s beginning to look like bias. They have been searching to find anything that they can use against Conservatives or even non-Conservative Republicans. In just the last couple days we have heard that President Trump may have underpaid his taxes – but that was debunked, that he uses ketchup on his steak, that his wife may have performed ‘Sleazy Porn’. They use terms like, “Could have” to slander them. They make fun of him using a dated term like ‘Wire Tap’.

Compare this to how the media deals with a life-long Democrat who was actually Convicted.

“Ex-LA County sheriff convicted of impeding FBI’s jail probe”


In addition to tarnishing his reputation as a policing innovator and jail reformer, the conviction threatens to put Baca, 74, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, behind bars for up to 20 years. He showed no emotion in court as the verdicts were read but struck an upbeat tone outside court.

“My mentality is always optimistic,” Baca said, reading from notes. “I look forward to winning on appeal.”


The federal probe began in 2011 when Baca’s jail guards discovered an inmate with a contraband cellphone was acting as an FBI mole to record jail beatings and report what he witnessed.

Word quickly reached Baca, who convened a group to derail the investigation and ferret out more about what the FBI was focused on, prosecutors said.”

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One Response to Did You Ever Notice That The News Media Covers Democrats Differently Than Republicans?

  1. Frank in Texas says:

    This leftard committed numerous crimes in trying to keep an investigation from finding out how criminally the jail system was being run. I don’t feel sorry for him and his “early stage of oldtimer’s disease”. If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime.