Nan, Nan, Nan

She’s been into the Guinness.

She also believes that the most important consideration is how much money flows into Washington.

Is ‘Comity’ anything like Jameson’s?

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2 Responses to Nan, Nan, Nan

  1. Frank in Texas says:

    I believe she meant “comedy” which is what her little inebriated talk amounted to.
    The typical Democrat straw man of “for the children”, “for the children”, “for the children” was her main talking point. If she was a Mooselimb terrorist she would be using “the children” as a shield from incoming rounds.

  2. roger says:

    how do you tell if their polacks at a cock fight? they are the ones who brought the duck! how do you tell if their are any italians at a cock fight? they are the ones betting on the duck. how do you tell if the mafia is at the cock fight? the duck wins!

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