Republican Congress Takes On Ninth Circuit Court

This does smack of revenge but politics is made up of two parts getting even and one part fund raising. The Ninth Circuit Court has been an activist, Progressive body for a long time. They base decisions on emotional anecdotes more often than the law. The judicial activism practiced there has frustrated Conservative leaders on a regular basis. As a result, it is not surprising that the court is being challenged.

“Congress Considers Splitting The 9th Circuit”

Judges Sidney Thomas, Carlos Bea, and Alex Kozinski give testimony before a House panel on splitting the 9th Circuit. Credit: Kevin Daley, TheDCNF

The most liberal court in America could be heading for a split.

A House panel held a hearing on possibly splitting the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday morning. The 9th Circuit is recently serving as the primary antithesis to President Donald Trump.


The subcommittee’s chairman, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, said the court has become too unwieldy to operate efficiently. At 12,000 cases, the court hears twice as many appeals as the next largest circuit court per year. The court also has the largest geographic jurisdiction in the country, running as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Fully one-fifth of the country’s population sits in the 9th Circuit. As such, the court’s massive docket generates lengthy turnaround times in decisions and can make access to the courts challenging for average citizens.”

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One Response to Republican Congress Takes On Ninth Circuit Court

  1. notamobster says:

    That would be incredible. It’s sensible governance. Progressives only comprise 1/3 of the populace at most… Yet these freaks can change the trajectory of the entire country.