Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the Real Revo Theater and the Friday Night Movie. This week I have been immersed in a huge project (that will soon be featured here) while at the same time suffering from the mysterious plague to my communications and I could not be here to do a proper movie write-up or even have much time for a movie selection. I found this one though. It is a movie about a topic that has been discussed here more than once.

So what the heck? Here it is…

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One Response to Friday Night at the Movies

  1. miforest says:

    here is one to consider sometime . Its based on a book about the red terror after the communists took power in Russia in 1918. The movie was made in 1992 after the wall fell . It was made before the Russian government got control of things again, after that fall.
    It is pretty much textbook communism. but a lot of people don’t hear about it anymore. Sometimes its good to remember how high the stakes can be in the political struggle.
    The population of Russia at the beginning of WW1 was 175 million. they didn’t reach that again until the 1960s