And the beat goes on…

Another political Rally in Berkeley is another opportunity for Violence

I think we all get it now. Y’all can keep doing what you’re doing if you want to but I’m not sure what point is being made.

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One Response to And the beat goes on…

  1. notamobster says:

    It’s weird. Now that I’m back in farm country, surrounded by miles of corn field and chirping birds, the unrest the in the West seems like it was all a bad dream.

    I’m sitting in the sun, with a cool breeze & a hot cup of coffee. The birds are chirping and all seems right with the world.

    I saw video of trump supporters taking it to the antifa freaks, Berkely cops leaning against their car as people got the shit beat out of them.

    The camera man asked ” I’ve seen you guys standing back watching as people get the shit beat out of them. Why?”

    One cop said “Ask our chief of police.” The other said, “We were told to direct all inquiries to our public affairs officer.”

    “But, people are getting the shit beat out of them.” He responded.

    The cop shrugged saying “And?”.

    The cops were ordered to stand down and let the violence happen. These two sides are both egging each other on. Each one escalating just a bit further… It’s crazy that they’re still fighting over what? Trump? He’s the president. Get over it.