Venezuela shows us why the 2nd Amendment exists

Tyranny 101: Disarm the citizenry while arming thugs.

The socialist leader of Venezuela announced in a speech to regime loyalists his plan to arm hundreds of thousands of supporters after a years-long campaign to confiscate civilian-owned guns.

“A gun for every militiaman!” Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said to uniformed militia members outside the presidential palace, Fox News reported on Tuesday. The Bolivarian militias, created by Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez, already number in the hundreds of thousands and are being used to supplement the regime’s armed forces. Maduro is boosting the number of armed supporters in hopes of keeping control over the country from what he labels “imperialist aggression.”

The arming of Maduro’s supporters comes five years after Venezuela’s socialist regime outlawed the commercial sale and civilian ownership of firearms. Only the military, police, and groups like security companies can buy guns and only directly from one state-run arms company under the law passed in 2012, according to the BBC. The country recently doubled down on its gun ban through a combination of gun buybacks and confiscations in the summer of 2016.

“We are going to bring disarmament and peace,” Interior Minister Nestor Reverol told Reuters during one confiscation event.

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3 Responses to Venezuela shows us why the 2nd Amendment exists

  1. BrunDawg says:

    General Motors says it will immediately halt operations in Venezuela after its plant in the country was unexpectedly seized by authorities.

    I’m from the authorities and I’m here to help (myself to your property).

    • Uke says:

      An interesting side-note to the above comment by BrunDawg:

      This is an amazingly strong argument in favor of the concept multinational corporations. For a global corp to not be beholden to one nation is a fantastic concept, and a strong (if not precisely a silver bullet) tool in battling against socialist governments.

      In the example above, GM has the ability to tell Venezuela to fuck off. If GM were not globally diversified, they would not be able to do that to their host country.

      Conversely, the Venezuelan government still has a financial interest in keeping companies doing business in-country (so that they may fleece those companies the way a tick leeches off its host).

      In this story, the tick got greedy and killed its host. Or, more accurately, the tick got greedy but the host was able to, like a starfish, separate itself from one of its limbs without too much trouble. The host now moves on, parasite-free, and the tick now faces starvation because of its greed.

  2. notamobster says:

    That anyone still expected anything legit out of that corrupt hellhole is beyond my comprehension.