Freaky Friday Free-Flowing Feminine Fun

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Is this the sexiest coffee shop in the whole world?nGorgeous entrepreneur Carlie Jo and her team of beautiful baristas strip down to bikinis and lingerie to serve hot and cold drinks at her shop called øBikini Beans Espressoø in Kent, Washington. nAs well as being extremely popular in the local area and attracting five star reviews on Yelp, the shop has a huge following on Facebook and Instagram. n

A controversial coffee shop is taking Washington by storm, not for the quality of their beverages, but for the staff’s dress code. Bikini Beans Espresso, which also operates in Arizona, has baristas dressed in bikinis, underwear, or even just a conveniently placed sticker while they make your drink and it has been a huge success.

All of the usual ugly, feminist hypocrites are crying about the exploitation of beautiful women who are taking advantage of their natural endowments to make more than any other baristas out there.

These same ragged out hags who believe the burka is a celebration of cultural diversity, and the vagina hat & abortion are valid expressions of the sacred femyn, are bitching about hot girls selling coffee.

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49 Responses to Freaky Friday Free-Flowing Feminine Fun

  1. Bman says:

    From the article: “However, not everyone agrees. A local resident known only as “Kimberly” told Zagat that she was appalled when she saw the store while walking with her children. “The problem wasn’t as much what they saw. It was having to explain to my eight, seven and five-year-old kids why there are women without shirts on serving coffee and why there are men in line to get this coffee.”

    Brad? Thoughts?

    • MadBrad says:

      Yeah. Neon signs have always been quite effective at advertising the features and benefits of doing business at that kind of establishment. Clear glass windows are in very poor taste.

      Of course Kimberly has more issues with this establishment than what she has admitted to. She is probably more attracted to a Barbeque restaurant as a customer or perhaps a member of the wait (pronounced “weight”) staff.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Right on the razor’s edge of the FSFRs, huh Nota? 😀

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    I have noticed that whenever a restaurant has a sought-after view, the quality of the restaurant’s fare suffers. You usually won’t get a good filet at a restaurant on the beach with a sunset view.

    Now, having said that, I bet the coffee at this place sucks.

    • BrunDawg says:

      But, unlike back in the day, you won’t find a pube in it.

    • Bman says:

      Well, you could always just get a cup of water if you don’t think the coffee is any good. They could probably sell tap water @ $3.50 a cup and there would still be sorry sumbitches standing in line to buy it.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        People might be willing to drink bad coffee in a place like that. That’s the point, right?

  4. Bman says:

    I’ve been to Hooters all over the US, from Seattle, Phoenix, Indy, even Fargo. Usually the waitresses are hot, wear low cut tight shirts, and short shorts. Funny enough, whenever you mention Hooters around people, their first response is, “Their wings suck.” I say that is total bullshit. The wings do not suck. There is not a damned thing wrong with the food at Hooters. If they swapped the wings with Buffalo Wild Wings, you wouldn’t know the damned difference. I just get tired of the ugly, fat and miserable “Kim-Burly’s” of the world telling me what shouldn’t be acceptable.

    By the way, a confident woman has no problem with places like this.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      The wings at Hooters are okay and no better or worse than Buffalo Wild Wings. I would also say, however, that they aren’t anything special in either place. Garden variety, boring bar food for the most part.

      The wait staff at Hooters is definitely more scenic than that at Buffalo Wild Wings and there is no denying that is part of its appeal. Buffalo Wild Wings wows customers with electronic gadgets, games and more screens than existed in the town I lived in growing up.

      Still, the best food is almost always at some dump in a strip mall that offers nothing to the customer other than the quality of its food. If the food isn’t excellent, the place quickly ceases to exist.

      This often isn’t true in rotating rooftop restaurants, sunset beach restaurants or places with babes serving. Unlike the dives, their survival isn’t dependent on the quality of the food alone.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      For example, this is just a random photo I Googled but I am willing to bet the food in this place is excellent. Why else would it be in business? It sure isn’t the ambiance.

      • C. L. says:

        Oh, that sparked a good memory. I was staying in St. Louis a few days with my really hot babe girlfriend back in the 90s. She looked a lot like barista #3, especially from the neck down. For some reason she liked to dress like a hooker once in awhile, and for some reason I didn’t mind. I was wearing a leisure suit in this story.

        We decided we wanted ribs so we looked in the yellow pages and found a place called Bob’s BBQ. Doesn’t that sound like pure, down home redneck dining perfection? I knew we f**ked up with one foot in the door. I swear the jukebox screeched to a stop. There were a few patrons. One was obviously a real hooker with a fat ass confined in blue spandex, a tube top, and long blond hair. Another was a real skinny guy wearing what appeared to be a mint condition 1970s used car salesman plaid polyester suit, kinda like Herb Tarlek. Another guy was a mean looking dude who raised his head only long enough to check out my girlfriend. There were a few more that I can’t recall as clearly, except that everyone was wearing some kind or another of a hat.

        We looked at each other and took a table. The waitress came out to take our order so we ordered drinks and I think that whatever I ordered to drink, I would have received that big tumbler full of bourbon – not what I ordered. I told her we were real hungry for some good BBQ. She said, in a stone-cold voice, “Kitchen’s closed.” Oh, did I mention that we were the only two people in the entire place who were white?

        So, the girlfriend goes over to the jukebox and puts in a few selections and asks me if I want to dance. Slow. We did. It was surreal. We sat down after awhile and car salesman suit starts talking to us. We actually hit it off pretty good and the others even started to soften up. After a little while the waitress comes back out and says that if we are hungry she could open the kitchen back up for us. There was just a hint of warmth in her voice. I had the absolutely best ribs of my life at that place.

        When we left, I had a silly idea. I told my girlfriend in her sexy little mini-dress to go stand on the corner and I’d go get the car and stop there to pick her up. She was game. Luckily, I got there before anyone else (probably named John) got there first. It was fun. This is a 100% true story from my messed up mind days..

  5. sortawitte says:

    C’mon , people of semi-intelligence. What she said. Too many people are just looking for the next thing to be offended by.

    So, the lady with the kids walking by can’t explain what they were seeing at the coffee shack? Get real, get smart, hag.

    So long as I’m not working there showing my side boob, count your blessings.

  6. Ben says:

    I think it would be priceless if they let anyone work there and made it clear they work only for tips. Let the natural selection begin.

  7. Mike says:

    2 C cups please, no sugar required.

  8. fasttimes says:

    man, i love Women.

  9. Ray Davies says:

    They sell coffee??
    Why didn’t someone tell me that before I fell in love.

  10. Jennnnayyyy says:

    Welp, guess I am going to be the hag here. I am no feminist by any stretch of the imagination, but this is absurd. I am a completely self confident woman. I have been both a skinny woman and an obese one. I have been flat chested and crazy big chested. And in both bodies I have a problem with it. The question isn’t why should any self confident woman have a problem with it, the problem is why any truly self confident woman would WANT to do this. Sorry, gentlemen, but as a Christian my body is for one person to look at only. My husband. And if I wasn’t married it would be for my future husband. It really is strange to me that men are perfectly fine ogling someone’s daughter. Because that is who she is. Would you want someone ogling your daughter? My body is something that is not for display. My 16 yr old doesn’t wear a two piece or shorts with a one inch inseam. She won’t be getting a belly ring. Granted, when she is an adult and out of my house she can do whatever she wants. But I do believe that her father and I have instilled in her some values and have assured her that she is worth so much more than being looked at as a piece of meat. And quite frankly, if you are a married man feeling good about this? Shame. That’s lust. And it is wrong. So go ahead. Call me an overweight hag. I don’t care. I know my worth and the worth of my daughters. An amazing holy God made us like we are. And NOwhere in the Bible does it say go out and show that worth by acting like a piece of meat. I have way more self respect and self confidence than that.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Those are all very good points and I don’t disagree with any of them.

      I would just point out, however, that the most of the men on this forum are putting on masculinity displays like men do in these situations.

      I happen to know that Nota, who put up the post, doesn’t approve of porn or this sort of slutty behavior. He put it up because he believes in freedom.

      Again, all of your points are well taken and truth be told I wouldn’t set foot in the joint. It’s just not my thing to lust after girls my daughter’s age.

      I guess what I am saying is that it is complex. Men are going to see women like this and they are going to mouth off. That’s never going to change. That’s just the way it is. That doesn’t in any way undermine any of the valid points you made.

      • Uke says:

        I think the following can all be true and acceptable positions individually:

        1. Women feel that it is generally inappropriate for other women to bare themselves in public.

        2. Men enjoy attractive women baring themselves in many situations.

        3. Men do not want their own daughters to inappropriately bare themselves in public.


        1 doesn’t make the woman a jealous prude.
        2 doesn’t make the man an amoral, lecherous hedonist.
        3 doesn’t even make the man a hypocrite, really.

        My 2c.

    • notamobster says:

      All valid points, but…. My values are not everyone’s values, nor do I believe that they should be.

      My choices, as with my faith, are mine. They don’t exist for show and they don’t change depending upon the audience. They aren’t perfect and they might not make everyone happy, but they are mine.

      I don’t do porn. I don’t ogle women who aren’t my wife.

      My daughter’s have all been raised to dress modestly and have respect for themselves. My oldest still managed to get pregnant at 18 without being married, contrary to what she’d been taught her entire life.

      Her choices are her own.

      If some woman decides to do this, it is her choice. I support her legal right to choose, because my choices are not hers.

      I would no sooner impose my beliefs on this woman than I would suffer hers to be imposed upon.

      As for the hag bit, it’s true that leftist hags always protest beautiful women taking advantage of their beauty where it pleases men, but have no problem with them murdering their babies.

      There was no intent to slight or impugn anyone who has a moral disagreement with the overly sexualized coffee shack… Just a pointed jab at hypocrite leftists.

  11. Jennnnayyyy says:

    I believe in that freedom as well. To a point. If you start infringing on MY freedom to not have to walk by a window where I have to explain to my child why women are pretty much naked? Yeah I have a problem. But what I also don’t like are two things:
    1) The attitude and response from my own brother in law who said that Kimberly mentioned in the article must have a problem with it not because of her child seeing it but because she must have a weight issue (i.e. Self confidence issue) and prefer a bbq joint. We are seriously going to fat shame someone becsuse they don’t believe flaunting nakedness is a good thing?
    2) You say that men are going to be men. Sure. I understand that men are visually sexualized beings, much more so than women. But by saying that “men are men” and are going to want to see women bared like this, lends a whole lot of credence to the feminist mantra of “men are lecherous pigs”. I know my husband can look at another woman and consider her hot. Dang, I myself am not immune to one Channing Tatum shirtless! But why do you feel it is okay to put men in these oversexualized situations? Why is it okay to tempt a man who might not be as faithful as you are? And why is it okay to objectify women?
    There is a staunch difference between a feminist hag and a woman who knows her worth, who knows her value, and knows that she is special and not one to be objectified.
    Why aren’t men standing up and saying women don’t need to work at Hooters in skimpy attire or in a coffee shop naked?

    • C. L. says:

      “Why aren’t men standing up and saying women don’t need to work at Hooters in skimpy attire or in a coffee shop naked?”

      I’ll take a stab. Because they are almost naked beautiful girls, and we men can’t help being pigs about liking that. I know it’s wrong. I would be horrified if my daughter worked there. It’s wrong to have those thoughts. I am immensely pleased that no one sees my wife dressed (or not) like that except me. My wife would be extremely upset – and rightfully so – if she caught me leering at them. It’s just so wrong for so many reasons. But, dag nabbit, we are hard-wired to really, really like seeing that. I try to fight it, but I am a poor, miserable sinner lacking the strength to quell my lustful gazing. I hope to be forgiven, as King David, who regularly acted on those impulses, no doubt was.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      “And why is it okay to objectify women?

      It isn’t okay. Certainly not with you and tens of millions of others. That is a completely separate question, however, from, “why is it legal to objectify women?”

    • MadBrad says:

      Jennnaaaayyy, there is an ongoing series of “Kim Jokes” going on here that started with Kim Jong Un that have nothing to do with any of what you are talking about. In the series of jokes it is explained that Kims do not have self confidence issues. They have plenty of confidence and it is further explained that they are prone to acts of violence.

      • MadBrad says:

        Here is the beginning of the Fat Kim discussion.

      • MadBrad says:

        Also, a further clarification…

        “The attitude and response from my own brother in law who said that Kimberly mentioned in the article must have a problem with it not because of her child seeing it…”

        I refer you to my original remarks in this conversation…

        “Yeah. Neon signs have always been quite effective at advertising the features and benefits of doing business at that kind of establishment. Clear glass windows are in very poor taste.”

        So you see, I agree with you and Kim. Nobody wants to see what goes on in that place from the street, not even me. I actually resent it when a woman thinks she can work me with her looks or appearance. That is a deep rooted emotional response that was instilled in me at quite a young age at the world famous Rick’s Lounge in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I would actually resent it of I was passing by that coffee shop and saw what Kimberly saw. They wouldn’t get my business for the same reason that Hooters doesn’t get my business. They use good looking girls to sell inferior products or service.

        Sorry guys, Hooters Wings suck. Even their Hamburgers suck. Their service is horrible and the last time I tried to drink it, their Beer was hot. Making matters worse was the malnourished waitress whose attitude was that she was doing me a favor by being there.

        When it comes to sleazy places, what catches my eye is a brick frontage with no windows, flashing neon lights and a BIG bouncer out front who carries a metal detector and there has to be loud, 80s hair band music coming out the front door.

        The last time I was in such an establishment was in 2004. I do not miss it.

  12. Austin K says:

    Seems I am raining on your views but you seem to be a man who has a strong faith with the sunday sermons and such, but then you show this garbage. Do you think you would get away with showing this after the Messiah comes back? shouldn’t you do now what He would want you to do after He gets back? are you the type of person He would want to be around Him? if you keep doing this kind of post, you will never set foot near Him, exception being the judgement seat where you will give an account of your cheekiness. Its all good fun. Exploiting women. Isn’t it? do it whilst you can.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      “if you keep doing this kind of post, you will never set foot near Him”

      So not true. The belief that God is transactional, that He keeping a list and checking it twice, keeping track of who is naughty and nice is what drove me from the Faith for 25 years. It is wrong and it is dangerous.

      Every human thought, word and deed is infused with sin. If we had to count on our own behavior for salvation every human on earth would be condemned. God is not transactional and you are incapable of horsetrading good behavior for salvation. You will never shed enough sin to measure up.

      That’s the reason Christ died: To ransom us poor sinners… and we are all corrupt sinners. Nothing straight was ever made from the crooked timber of humanity. Christ suffered, died and was buried for the purpose of saving sinners, not to hang out with Pharisees.

      In fact, the very idea that you can cleanse yourself of sin to impress God is sinful. We are saved via Faith in Christ alone.

      Now I don’t expect you to change your views but I would suggest you not go about the Internet casting first stones at people just because they sin differently from the manner it which you sin.

    • Uke says:

      Every time I start ever-so-slowly coming around to thinking I could get along with people of strong faith, judgmental folks like you come around to snap me right back to faithless agnosticism.

      Thanks for the reminder.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        Christ consorted with sinners and condemned the Pharisees dozens of times. Don’t let the Pharisees dissuade you from being open to faith.

        • Uke says:

          I’ve never been closed to it. But I will say that back in middle school (at a Catholic school), I was invited to attend a Christian retreat over a week during the summer. Parents thought it’d be good for me.

          It was one of weirdest–and frankly one of the most disturbing–experiences I’ve ever had. People speaking in tongues and people flopping around like grounded fish and the whole lot of it. And filled with people just as judgmental and preachy as Austin above.

          It was downhill from there for me, as far as I was concerned.

          • notamobster says:

            I’m a quiet, Bible study kind of guy. Never understood the speaking in tongues. It just meant that the holy Spirit would make people able to communicate in tongues (languages) they weren’t familiar with, not jibberish. I’m not judging anyone who believes in that, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

            Incidentally, of all the denominations I’ve been to, the ones who speak in tongues and do the loud singing and dancing seem the most judgmental as well. I really like Lutheran service & Episcopal and 7th day Adventist (very old fashioned, quiet kind of worship).

            It’s likely just a preference thing, but I don’t care for loud craziness… And certainly not like a rock concert.

            I feel like worship should be more reserved.

          • R.D. Walker says:

            There is no speaking in tongues or flopping around in my church. We do have church ladies baking pies and a lot of coffee drinking. We definitely get together for beers. Sometimes even in the church. No arm waving going on. The loudest the church gets is at the end of the service when the pastor says, “Go in peace, remember the poor” and everyone responds “Thanks be to God”. Of course that’s like the bell that dismisses you from class. 🙂

    • notamobster says:

      Just to be clear, the Sunday sermons are not mine, but this post is. You’re confusing MadBrad & myself, which might make Brad a little pensive, being I’m a Yankee and all that.

      As for the Lord refusing me salvation because of my many sins, if we’re checking the list, this one is all the way down below the “not that worried” line.

      I have a great multitude of other sins that would cast me into eternal darkness.

      I have always struggled with not being able to “be good enough”, so I just give up and walk away from my walk with God.

      Then, it occurred to me that I cannot save myself, no matter how hard I tried. God sent his only son to make atonement for my sin and corruption. I trust in him, in all things, and slip up on a regular basis.

      I have multiple children. My son is very, very, incredibly frustrating at times. He is incredibly intelligent and tries to get away with things and I’m always having to correct him. My youngest daughter is nearly the perfect child. Well mannered, smart, hilarious, beautiful, polite, long-suffering and patient. She gets mad at times and loses her temper and gets corrected, too. She has even lied to us once. I was disappointed in her behavior and it hurt her to see that.

      Were I forced to choose which one got condemned I would offer myself in either of their place. That’s what God did for me.

      That fire & brimstone approach, it turns people away from the salvation found only in the atonement of Christ’s sacrifice. You can’t work your way to salvation. You can’t justify yourself by being better than your fellow man. You’re not.

      Your sin is just not posted on the internet for all of us to comment on, or is it?

      I’ll let God judge me since I’m incapable of meeting the standard on my own.

      I’ll also defend the right of these women to do as they please with their life. God thought it okay to give people free will, so I figure he can save their souls too, without me bashing on them.

      I do agree that they should tint the windows to make the transactions private.

      • MadBrad says:

        … but you’re not a Godless Yankee. You’re a Midwesterner to boot. You did Law Enforcement in Louisiana and survived because your Midwestern background made you highly adaptable to the South. You’re in with us now. You’re okay.

        • Uke says:

          I’m still suspect, though, to be fair.

        • notamobster says:

          Thanks, Brad!

          Uke, you get extra cool points for being from the “Live free or… Don’t” state, formerly known as the live free or die state.

  13. Jim22 says:

    I think all three pics are the same woman – most likely the owner of the coffee shop. I think she likes to be looked at when scantily clothed and I think it helps her business – with men. She looks like a grown-up woman who can make her own choices.

    There is a movement among these drive-thru coffee shops where the baristas wear lingerie and such to help business.

    I don’t care if that’s what they want to do. I get my coffee at truck stops.

    • notamobster says:

      I drink plain black coffee…

      • Ray Davies says:

        For something that was more or less rhetorical this sure got heavy. Everybody take a deep breath and relax. The ladies will get what they deserve. Men will get what they deserve. And, God will decide, if he has the time for such things.

  14. djm says:

    Uke and others, if you want a clear picture of God, think of Jesus on the cross in your place.

    Think of the father in the story of the Prodigal Son.

    Think of the ruler who forgave his servant billions of dollars (10,000 talents.)

    Christians are supposed to reflect Christ’s love and sacrifice to the world, but sometimes we get it wrong.

  15. MadBrad says:

    As we were making our rounds Saturday LMT and I passed by the original Hooters location here in Jacksonville, Florida. Still doing business as Hooters today. As we passed LMT spat in their general direction and then looked at me. My response was solid; “Hey, I’m on record a long time ago with you on my thoughts about that place”.