You knew it was coming.

Meet Luis.  Luis is a man.  More specifically, he is a human man. But Luis does not want to be a human.  Luis wants to be an Elf. Luis “identifies” as an Elf. Luis has spent thousands and thousands of dollars to surgically alter his appearance to more closely resemble an Elf.  Luis believes he was born as the wrong species.  He wishes to be treated as ‘trans-species’.

Question #1: If Bruce Jenner can arbitrarily change his gender, and Rachel Dozeal can arbitrarily change her race, can Luis arbitrarily change his species?

Question #2: Is Luis actually trans-species and can he transform into an actual Elf?  Or is Luis suffering from some form of mental disability?

Question #3: Which is more compassionate: Being accepting and accommodating of his ‘trans-species’ self identity, or providing Luis access to professional mental health care?

Question #4: I identify as a potted fern.  I have painted myself green and require that my family mist me twice a day.  I consider myself trans-genus. How is this any different than items #1,2 or 3 above?

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15 Responses to You knew it was coming.

  1. notamobster says:

    1) Yes.

    2) Feelings, bigot, feelings.

    3) I heard that mental health people just want to get you hooked on drugs pushed by Big Pharma.

    4) Capitalism is the devil. Only socialism can save your soul.

  2. TxMan says:

    #1, Yes, in theory.
    #2, No, he is suffering from a mental/emotional/mood disorder.
    #3, Providing access to qualified, professional mental health care.
    #4, In theory (liberal) it is no different.

  3. Ben says:

    Can I identify as somebody in a lower Tax Bracket?

    I am Trans-Income.

    And just like Caitlyn gets to keep her peter I get to keep my Pay check, but enjoy all the benefits of paying less in taxes.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      The peter has been whacked… and not in that fun way you learned at 13.

      • Ben says:

        Six of one half dozen of another. One of the other how about Rachel hasn’t actually dyed her skin black etc.

        Can I please be in a lower bracket???

        I really feel as though I should be paying less in taxes. I identify as only needing to pay 7% income tax I was born into the wrong career.

        • R.D. Walker says:

          Yes, I self identify as a billionaire and my lack of a Learjet is oppression by the patriarchy.

          • DocO says:

            Show up at your Lear Jet Dealership with a handful of pocket lint and assorted buttons and explain to the dealer you self identify as a billionaire and if he doesn’t accept the lint and buttons as fair payment for the jet, because in your mind it’s a handful of the most exquisite rubies and emeralds, that he is a non-woke, racist, bigot, homophobic capitalist pig and you will sue him for everything he owns.

  4. Van-a-gram says:

    Dobby — the House Elf from Harry Potter fame — is suing Luis for cultural appropriation

  5. Rockheim says:

    Old News.. You forgot to mention the woman who considers herself to be a cat. That crazy jackass who is a “sexless alien”. And the fan favorite.. Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa.. The hispanic man who decided he was actually a hispanic woman who decided she was actually a dragon.

    And then there’s me. Who thinks more and more everyday that he’s Red Foreman..

    I say.. Embrace them all. Encourage them to legally change their status. Then let them all in on the news. Cats, Dragons, Aliens, Elves, etc have no rights of any kind. Have no claims to aid of any kind. Can not hold jobs. Some are property. And lets also not forget.. Most are not allowed, by law, into most businesses, stores or restaurants, unless they’re registered service animals. They can’t drive, fly, nor otherwise avail themselves of public transportation without a human owner. I wonder how the cat lady will like being checked as baggage and riding in the cargo hold on her next airplane ride?

  6. C. L. says:

    I suppose it would never occur to any twit who wanted to be an elf that he should at least try to be a kickass warrior elf like Legolas instead of some little pussy elf.

  7. C. L. says:

    Oh. Yeah. The questions.

    1. No, no, and no. I don’t accept that the first two are what they say they are.

    2. Luis is seriously messed up in the head if he actually spent money on this. So are the doctors that helped him.

    3. Getting him the help he needs would have been the right thing. Now? How about getting him a job in a year-round Christmas village?

    4. I think if we withhold the misting, leave (heh) you alone, and laugh at your assertions, it will sink in that you are NOT a fern, if it’s not too late because some PC SJW idiots have already enabled your psychosis to the point that it is too deeply rooted (heh) to overcome it without professional help. If so, maybe we should hook you up with some Gaia-loving earth-child woman who would love to nibble on your fiddleheads. It would be the decent thing to do in that case.

  8. Rich says:

    Question #1: Bruce, Rachel & Luis think they can think themselves into a woman, cat and elf. In reality – nope.

    Question #2: A deep deep mental disability.

    Question #3: I really don’t give a damn as long as he pays for his lunacy himself from his own money. But generally, and especially for the quack doctors that have apparently put lucre’s lure before the patient, ole Luis ought to have received counseling versus surgery. Ditto for the cat lady, faux negress, and Bruce. And yes … it’s Bruce: pecker be damned.

    Question #4: The difference, obviously Nota, is that you aren’t an elf, cat lady, faux negress or peckerless Bruce. You are just a harmless little fern who will be quite happy to stay in a corner with a nice auto-mister. Just be aware that any real or self-actualized cats may nibble on your greenery. And let’s not even go to what dogs might do on you. But please be aware that you are not trans-genus. You’re more trans-genius, and may wake one day, look in a mirror, and see Wile E Coyote staring back.