Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the weekend. It’s the Friday Night Movie, the most anticipated publication of the week. Sometimes, such as has been the case in the previous two weeks, I don’t get to put as much into this effort as I feel it deserves. Sometimes life gets in the way. Nonetheless, one way or another we have our movie. Sometimes the movie sucks and other times it doesn’t. One way or another, we have our movie though. This is our little temple of entertainment.

This week I have been dealing with Jet Lag recovery and am not fully back in the groove. Well maybe by now I am but this week has been a little crazy. I came back from vacation and the Gross Profit Dollars for my Monthly Sales ate at 166%. WHAT? That just doesn’t happen but the rest of my team want to go on vacation right about now. I had to jump in the shark tank this week and start stroking wide open. Thusly I haven’t had the time to dedicate to proper movie selection as I know it to be but there is always danger in trying to over think it.

I think I’ve found one tonight that is going to be highly entertaining. I think you will enjoy it, even those of you who haven’t registered to comment yet…

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2 Responses to Friday Night at the Movies

  1. Bman says:

    That was a good flick Brad! How do you find the strength to bring us such great movies week after week? Now, some here may know that I have trouble understanding English accents. That’s why I never got into Monty Python stuff. Can’t understand what the hell they are saying. Luckily with youtube, I can turn on subtitles. Its much more enjoyable to watch an English movie that way.

    Because of my recent switch in beer preferences, instead of the old 7 PBR potential ranking, it has been switch to a potential 16 PBR ranking due to the ounces of each beer. This was easily a 4 PBR ranking, or a 64oz ribbon.

    That is quite impressive, btw. Well done.

    • MadBrad says:

      The task of movie selection is usually quite intimidating. Most times I have no idea where the selection process is going to take me. I just know that one way or another I have to find a movie. I have learned to keep a loose hand on the wheel instead of a white knuckle grip. The best selections come by way of accident usually.

      Thank you for your continued support of this fine institution as well as the 64oz Ribbon!