Results Of Alternative Energy Spending Are In – For 2014

“Here’s a quiz; no conferring. To the nearest whole number, what percentage of the world’s energy consumption was supplied by wind power in 2014, the last year for which there are reliable figures? Was it 20 per cent, 10 per cent or 5 per cent? None of the above: it was 0 per cent. That is to say, to the nearest whole number, there is still no wind power on Earth.”

That’s not quite correct. As the article in the UK Spectator says,

Even put together, wind and photovoltaic solar are supplying less than 1 per cent of global energy demand. From the International Energy Agency’s 2016 Key Renewables Trends, we can see that wind provided 0.46 per cent of global energy consumption in 2014, and solar and tide combined provided 0.35 per cent. Remember this is total energy, not just electricity, which is less than a fifth of all final energy, the rest being the solid, gaseous, and liquid fuels that do the heavy lifting for heat, transport and industry.”

So, yes, wind is less than half of one percent so it’s pretty true that zero is the nearest whole number.

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6 Responses to Results Of Alternative Energy Spending Are In – For 2014

  1. AZ-Cat says:

    The home we bought recently has solar. We had to assume the solar lease. I was skeptical at first with solar power. Now, after two months I love it.

    In the lease there is a one time buyout option which will be coming up next year. I will be exercising that option. The system will pay for itself in less than 4 years. An owned system increases the value of a home an average of 20 grand here in AZ. My optionprice is 12.

    No brainer. My electric bill so far has only been 18.75 cents that covers taxes and admin fees. I am generating enough power so far to dump an additional 1500 KWh back in to the grid.

    Summer is coming and I know the electricity required will spike. I hope my KWh credits cover a good portion of the summer demand

    So far, I am very impressed with solar.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I am sure you would agree that it is more effective in sunny Arizona than in, say, cloudy Seattle.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Wind power makes up more than 35% of the energy generated in Iowa. So far in 2017 it is 40%! Of course the wind blows here… a lot.

      Sometimes we don’t see the sun for weeks in the winter. 🙁

    • Ben says:

      Roof top solar has it’s role in specific locations. Grid scale solar is still not viable.

      Attenuation and system tie in costs are typically left out of most solar analysis.

  2. C. L. says:

    I love my solar power so far. In an off-grid situation, solar power pays off big in the speed of your ROI. I’m well over 50% return in just a year and a half, using extremely conservative accounting of it. The remaining 45% or so will take longer, maybe 3 more years.

    I agree with Ben – grid-scale solar still has its’ problems to be ironed out. Two nearby cities here are planning on big solar farms, with power customers being able to “buy in” at around 500 bucks per panel in exchange for discounted electricity rates. I see big disappoint coming in customer expectations. In my opinion, the plan is being marketed in the same way the income tax amendment was – if you know what I mean.