World Hacked By Leaked NSA Cyber-Super-Weapon

IN MID-APRIL, an arsenal of powerful software tools apparently designed by the NSA to infect and control Windows computers was leaked by an entity known only as the “Shadow Brokers.” Not even a whole month later, the hypothetical threat that criminals would use the tools against the general public has become real, and tens of thousands of computers worldwide are now crippled by an unknown party demanding ransom.

For a real-time active attack mapper, Click here.(very cool graphic interface)

It turns out the malware was stopped by accident.

“I was out having lunch with a friend and got back about 3pm and saw an influx of news articles about the NHS and various UK organisations being hit,” he told the Guardian. “I had a bit of a look into that and then I found a sample of the malware behind it, and saw that it was connecting out to a specific domain, which was not registered. So I picked it up not knowing what it did at the time.”

The kill switch was hardcoded into the malware in case the creator wanted to stop it spreading. This involved a very long nonsensical domain name that the malware makes a request to – just as if it was looking up any website – and if the request comes back and shows that the domain is live, the kill switch takes effect and the malware stops spreading. The domain cost $10.69 and was immediately registering thousands of connections every second.

MalwareTech explained that he bought the domain because his company tracks botnets, and by registering these domains they can get an insight into how the botnet is spreading. “The intent was to just monitor the spread and see if we could do anything about it later on. But we actually stopped the spread just by registering the domain,” he said. But the following hours were an “emotional rollercoaster”.

“Initially someone had reported the wrong way round that we had caused the infection by registering the domain, so I had a mini freakout until I realised it was actually the other way around and we had stopped it,” he said.

MalwareTech said he preferred to stay anonymous “because it just doesn’t make sense to give out my personal information, obviously we’re working against bad guys and they’re not going to be happy about this.”

People are scared of nuclear war, terrorism, and all manner of bogeyman, but I tell you tis – our civilization will be undone by technology. You read that right. I’m saying that the very technology which enables our life of ease, will be our undoing, and it will most-likely be facilitated by some bullshit gov’t code that was leaked into the wild.

The terrifyingly awesome things our government is capable of doing, can also be done by 12 year olds … in their Mom’s basement.

As an aside,”Why is the NSA ransoming computers?”…

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3 Responses to World Hacked By Leaked NSA Cyber-Super-Weapon

  1. Rockheim says:

    You’re more right than possibly you can imagine.

    There have been numerous articles written about how the traditional methods of teaching are passe now. That youtube is replacing lecture and instruction. Even in the gradeschools now the ubiquitous Chromebook is replacing the text books altogether. And not to mention that the ability to search the internet for the answers to test questions is a more highly valued skill than rote memorization.

    So let a simple internet and power outage seep in for a week or two and watch as everything completely unravels. You don’t even need a full fledged EMP.

    Now.. On the flipside consider this. Academia, starting with Kindergarten on up.. is pushing this reliance on technology.. Eschewing book learning.. and simply teaching generations upon generations of up and coming minds to completely rely on the internet for “truth” and “information”.. Couple this with the ever present left leaning proclivities of ever major search engine and almost every aspect of social media and you have a propaganda machine that makes the mainstream media look as powerful and influential as your 3rd graders “news paper” that they distribute to the family, covering the latest adventures of the housecat and why brussel sprouts are nasty..

    There is more than enough to be scared of..

  2. notamobster says:

    I have 4 school-aged children. One of them is home-schooled for his own safety. The other 3 all have chrome books. At least we still have biological-gender-defined bathrooms, here.

    The mush-minded simpletons will only become exponentially worse, as we become even-more reliant on tech than we are today.

  3. notamobster says:

    Over 200,000 systems infected. EU fears systems may not come online.