And That Is How You Drain The Swamp

“Clapper: Trump is Assaulting American Institutions”

The complicit media is hauling out the same Obama people who repeatedly told us lies during the eight years of BHO. They are supporting their allegations of impropriety because they are all on the same team – the team that wants to take out President Trump.

This interview could be called a ‘Tapper Clapper caper’. It is easy to see that Tapper is trying to help Clapper form his comments.

Mr. Trump was elected by Americans to change the trajectory of the country. That requires a lot of things. One of those things is to eliminate the cancerous members of the government who have been there for a long time and are going to object to being kicked out. Clapper is one of those but he was in a high position under Obama and he misses the control.

In this clip he says that Trump is assaulting American Institutions – as though that were a bad thing. Of course it is to him.

Clapper is the one who told us that US intelligence does not collect surveil average Americans:

That was a lie and he had to ‘Clarify’.

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