Angela Merkel And The Power Of Surrender

If the people of Germany don’t step up to reverse Merkel’s idiocy we will soon see the end of Germany. She has embraced the Islamic ‘Refugees’ that are taking over her country.

What could she be thinking?

“Merkel: Germany Won’t Step Up Fight Against ISIS Even If NATO Does”

I want to state very clearly, that even if such a decision is made, it will not mean that any military activity that Germany currently carries out, for instance, AWACS surveillance, will be expanded or something like that,” Merkel emphatically declared. Germany only contributed approximately 150 troops to the anti-ISIS mission to train, advise, and assist forces according to an August 2016 Congressional Research Service report.”

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One Response to Angela Merkel And The Power Of Surrender

  1. FrankinTexas says:

    Merkle succeeded where the rest of the world could not in performing an orchidectomy on the German military legacy. They are gonna need wholesale orders of Growacet to return themselves to legitimacy in world power.