Friday Night at the Movies honors the memory of Powers Boothe

Welcome to the Real Revo Theater and the Friday Night Movie. Tonight we remember the body of work of a most brilliant wild man from Texas. Any time I think back to a brilliant scene from a movie when he was at his crazy ass best it makes me smile and/or laugh. Being able to naturally scare the crap out of people through subtlety is a gift that I admire. All the more so when that talent is utilized in full-on bat shit craziness.

I first became acquainted with him as Corporal Charles Hardin of the Louisiana Army National Guard. Southern Comfort scared the crap out of me and a couple of years later made paddling rubber boats in the greater Eglin Air Force Base Training Areas all the more enjoyable. Yes, most of us carried unauthorized live ammo because of that movie, as mentioned earlier this week by RD. It is totally true. Powers Boothe was awesome in that movie and I wish it was available tonight.

Then I encountered him as Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Tanner, United States Air Force in Red Dawn. As was the case in Southern Comfort, he was the indispensable character. The movie would have flopped without him. I surely wish that movie could be available here tonight. It’s a movie I love to watch.

Yes, there will be a Double Feature tonight. I found two movies where Powers Boothe plays the leading man. First up is one that has played here before buts it’s been a couple of years ago. Powers Boothe is back in the Air Force Major Cassidy, Pilot of a B52 Bomber. With Rebecca De Mornay as his Co-Pilot they are called upon to carry out a nuclear strike against the Soviet Union in reaction to an unintentional nuclear attack by our Cold War Foe.

Of course there are many memorable roles that the man we remember here tonight has played and I wish we could see them all. I’ll take what I can get because it’s always good. I love B52 movies. In this particular classic we also see James Earl Jones return to the Air Force for crucial service during a Nuclear War only this time he is of a much higher pay grade than he was in Doctor Strangelove. This time he is the General with the call sign “Alice” up in the Looking Glass.

This is a Cold War classic and one of the many great movies where I enjoyed watching this crazy wild man do what he does best.


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