Erdogan’s bodyguards beat protestors in US

Turkish police beat protesters on American soil.

Nine people were hurt and two arrests were made during an altercation at the Turkish ambassador’s residence in the US capital during a visit by president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, police have said.

Doug Buchanan, a DC Fire and EMS spokesman, said two of those hurt were seriously injured and were taken to hospitals by ambulance. He said by phone that emergency personnel were called to the residence about 4:30pm Tuesday.

According to witnesses, the brawl erupted when the Turkish president’s security detail attacked protesters carrying the flag of the Kurdish PYD party outside the residence.

A local NBC television affiliate reported Erdoğan was inside the building at the time.

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14 Responses to Erdogan’s bodyguards beat protestors in US

  1. Ben says:

    I love the tubby female cop in white desperatly trying to hold them back from :06 and then doing her best to deter the beatings with her own in effective baton strikes at :12.

    What on earth was the cops plan there?

  2. Jim22 says:

    Two arrests? Only two? Why? Are American law enforcement allowing this to go on?

  3. Sortahwitte says:

    The cops did a great job of arresting the protesters that had been attacked by the turkish “secret police” goons.
    More good things out of dc law enforcement.

  4. notamobster says:

    A few notes for color:

    1) I’m reasonably sure that the ambassadors residence/motorcade is sovereign Turkish soil…yes, they went bit far, bt I’ll bet the kurds don’t get close enough to cause problems, again.

    2) the Turks have been fighting the Kurds (terrorist Kurds) since long before my first trip to the country in 97

    3) if our president/ambassador were threatened/accosted, I would hope that our secret police…err… Service would kick some ass, too.

    4) if this was just a case of typical Kurd/Turk kerfuffle, what’s the big deal? It’s middle Eastern people doing what middle Eastern people do.

    • Ben says:

      1. They were not on the soil of the residence.

      2. yep

      3. He was inside at a meeting and they were protesting outside hard to call that threatened or accosted.

      4. Its being reported as American citizens of turskish (Kurdish?) decent. I guess that is the big deal.

      I think its kinda funny I don’t disagree with you just adding some more color.

      • notamobster says:

        Okay, so this is just turks & kurds, doing what turks & kurds do. I would agree with John McCain:

        But, these days, this is what we do here.

        I still think the whole thing only has gawker-value. It’s a sweet brawl, but I have no problem with these two groups getting into a scrum…even on American soil.

  5. DLJ6 says:

    Turk Security staff have obviously been watching CNN vids of ANTIFA in Berkeley and figured they were good to go.
    Not enforcing the law has all kinds of implications.

  6. Rich says:

    From RedState:

    There was some activity by DC police but mostly they seem to have stayed out of the way. Why was that?

    DC police chief said police involvement was “dicey” at Turkish/Kurd protest because many of the men beating the protestors were armed

    — Perry Stein (@PerryStein) May 17, 2017

    Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    • DLJ6 says:

      Nice statement, brings to mind one made in Baltimore….”room/space to destroy” how is that still working out?
      For some locals we should probably drop the “law enforcement” descriptive phrase.
      I suggest something along the lines of uniformed observation..or some such casual aspect.

    • MadBrad says:


      Let’s all learn to be “Dicey”.

  7. Rich says:

    Somehow I suspect that being “Dicey” is something unavailable to ordinary American citizens. For them, being “Dicey” and beating up people would probably result in being tasered and/or shot.