So, Will Donald Trump Fight?

He is being overwhelmed by innuendo and news reports that contain information from ‘Unnamed sources’. He is getting warnings from people who should know that the so-called ‘Deep State’, career bureaucrats, have ‘Declared War On Him’.

“Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Trump Needs to Understand Deep State Has Declared War on His Administration”

It’s not just the ‘Deep State’, either. It looks like the media is leading the charges. CNN, for instance, has been found to have done anti-Trump stories 92% of the time.

Regardless, we know there is a concentrated effort by Democrats, the media, and some Republicans to bring down the trump administration. It appears that the relentless attacks on him are succeeding. But what will Mr. Trump decide to do? He has two choices. He can either fight the machine or he can give up and resign.

First indications are that he will fight:

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5 Responses to So, Will Donald Trump Fight?

  1. DLJ6 says:

    An outsider comes to Washington to change the system as mandated by part of the electorate, system pushes back hard. There is way too much power in the system for one rich guy and a percentage of the electorate to be able to make any significant changes. This experiment in political change will only result in forcing some of us to realize that the problems are far worse than we suspected.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Absolutely correct. Even if the rich guy had a clue as to how fix it, it is too much.

      • fasttimes says:

        If that is true, the tree is overdue for watering.

        • MadBrad says:

          The Secessionist Movement grows stronger by the day without the Secessionists having to agitate for anything.

        • Jim22 says:

          “the tree is overdue for watering.”

          If you are talking about watering it with blood – either of traitors or patriots – I cannot take part. That does not mean I don’t agree. It means I am an old man and will not be able to participate in a young man’s game.