Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to Friday Night, let the weekend begin! This week seems like it has been a very long week. I’ve been low energy Brad, no stamina. Nonetheless a lot of good things happened this week and I can’t be happier about all that but man, I just feel tired. Time to sit back and vegetate, enjoy a good movie.

I found this one early in the week. It’s French and based on the comments has some terrible English voice over issues but when watching a French film, for me it makes it all the more authentic. It is one thing that French films are known for.

The movie is based on a true story and given the news of the week, a movie about Terrorists getting their asses kicked seems to make for a timely presentation. I’m rolling the dice all the way with this one. I’m ready for a shoot ’em up and I think this one will do.

Let’s roll with it…

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One Response to Friday Night at the Movies

  1. MadBrad says:

    At first I thought that this movie was gay enough to have been published here last week but nothing could be more gay than Seal Team Six – Journey into Darkness.

    Then the shooting started and this movie got really French. I really hope that this isn’t how it actually happened but I bet it is. Wow.