The Future of the WNBA

The comments associated with this are pretty good.  It will be interesting to how feminists contort their liberal bent to accommodate this.  How is this fair to women?  What happens when men (pretending to be women) win everything including scholarships to colleges and universities?  Before long, the WNBA will have more balls on the court than a pick up game on West 51st street..

Some of my favorites:

“The balls on her…..Geez”

“So long Title 9 — ya had a good run”.

“Sad that transgenders just want to be accepted for who they are when that can’t even accept themselves for who they are”.

“Look at that mustache!  Oh, and her dick and balls.”

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5 Responses to The Future of the WNBA

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Tune in for tonight’s episode of When Leftist Pieties Attack!

  2. Bman says:

    The WNBA is pretty much already there isn’t it?

  3. Sortahwitte says:

    I am pretty sure this is my fault. In 1971, I was the County Chairman for Special Olympics. Since there were usually more than 3 kids in each heat, I decided each kid would get a participant ribbon. The ribbon turned disappointment into a beaming smile from those sweet souls. I thought I did good.

    Fast forward to now. Every turdblossom guy who sucked at sports is now claiming to be a girl to get that ribbon. Whether it’s 1st or participant, they want the reward bad enough to compete as a girl. I denounce myself.

    • Bman says:

      The participation award isn’t a bad thing. If anything, it will be a reminder of a special event that a person partook in. As a youth sports participant, I didn’t see a participation award as something they gave us to make us feel better. I looked at is as a keepsake. A memento if you will.

      When I was a peewee, (8th grade), our team from Seattle played in the Vernon, B.C. tournament. It was a big deal. In fact, the opening ceremonial game receive local TV news coverage, (we played the host team Vernon…and lost). Anywho, there was our team, Richmond, BC, Sannich BC (from Vancouver Island), Coquitlam BC, Winnepeg, MB, and several others that I don’t remember. We ended up placing 4th, (not too shabby for a bunch of Yankees playing Canaduh’s game of hockey), and still received a trophy. In fact, I believe dead last still received a trophy. Why? Because it was a thank you from the town and hockey association of Vernon, BC, for traveling all the way to make a successful hockey tournament. They wanted us to remember playing in it even 30 years later. NHL Hall of Famer, Babe Pratt, passed out the trophies to each player while we had a picture taken. Talk about a keepsake!

      Yes. I still have that trophy.

  4. BrunDawg says: