What to expect in today’s testimony…

You will learn of no high crimes or misdemeanors.

You will learn of no crimes at all.

You will hear that Trump was never under investigation by the FBI.

You will learn that Trump did nothing prosecutable.

You will hear about ham-handed bungling by the ameteur-hour President.

You will hear about amateurish scheming by POTUS.

You will hear about a president extremely frustrated by the Russia investigation.

You will learn that Comey did tell Trump three times that he wasn’t under investigation.

You will hear Comey say he wanted to keep his job.

You will figure out that Trump fired Comey because Comey didn’t hold a press conference clearing Trump.

You will realize that Trump’s given reason for firing him – bungled Clinton investigation – was bullshit.

You will realize that demanding loyalty isn’t illegal but it is the stuff of weak, ineffective leaders.

You will remember how boring watching testimony can be.

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7 Responses to What to expect in today’s testimony…

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Will Trump live Tweet it? Who knows? I will be on the road today so I won’t be here to report.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    So why wouldn’t Comey come out and make a public statement that Trump wasn’t under investigation? I think the answer is obvious.

    He did exactly that with HRC last summer. Then, later, when new information about HRC emails on Weiner’s computer were found, he had to reopen the case. Doing that hokey-pokey dance in public is ugly business.

    He learned his lesson after that business and, while Trump wasn’t under investigation, he had no way of knowing if something would turn up that would later put him under investigation.

    Thus he just refused to make the same mistake twice.

    At least that is what I think.

    • fasttimes says:

      i don’t understand that policy or reasoning. the fbi doesn’t make it a habit, that i am aware of, to inform the public when investigations are opened or closed. just because they say “we are not currently investigation xyz” doesnt mean that will or even have to tell everyone when the do investigate xyz.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    There are a lot of lefties on Twitter today who think that this is going to be Trump’s Waterloo. Boy, are they going to have a disappointing day.

  4. mr_bill says:

    I just want to know one thing: If Trump had deleted 3 letters sent between himself and Comey, what would the democrat party be saying about it today?

    What if it were 30 letters or 300 letters? What if it were 3,000? How about 30,000?

    That’s how many emails hillary deleted before bleaching her email server and smashing her phones and hard drives with hammers.

    I’m not justifying bad actions by citing other bad actions, I just want to put this whole thing into perspective for those who believe there is some kind of nefarious criminal plot to hide Russian collusion.

  5. Jim22 says:

    I ‘spect yer right on all counts. If anyone takes Trump down and forces him out of the White House it will be Donald Trump who does it. It won’t be illegal activities that’ll do it. He will bungle something big – or he won’t. In which case he won’t step down. I could envision something like him mishandling either North Korea or Iran and seeing a nuclear explosion occur somewhere. That’d do it.