Those pesky Russians!

They sure know the espionage business.

[R]evelations from the Moscow archives revealed that the Soviets had already created schemes that were indeed stranger than fiction. These included a plan to move saboteurs from Nicaragua across the Mexican border and into the U.S. disguised as illegal aliens. Radar stations, pipelines and power towers were all targeted in great detail as were port facilities in places like New York City. Other archive documents, available to researchers for a few years in the early 1990s (when a fistful of hundred dollar bills could work wonders) delivered all manner of disturbing and now well documented proofs. The Rosenbergs were indeed Russian spies, Alger Hiss was mixed up in Russian espionage efforts and the American Communist Party was in the pay of the Soviet Union and served as a tool for espionage, subversion and propaganda. Many left wing writers and politicians were either on the Soviet payroll, or eager to assist Soviet espionage activities.

When I was growing up, there was always a debate about whether the Rosenbergs and Hiss were really working for the Russians. Until the Soviet archives were opened, it was impossible to know for certain. Now we know for certain… they were.

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One Response to Those pesky Russians!

  1. Stockton Jim says:

    I find it crazy that the Dems. are after Trump because someone on his staff had a discussion with a Russian when the Clinton ties with Russia go back for years. Bill Clinton went to Moscow in 1969 as many Rhodes scholars seem to do.