A quote to ponder this Flag Day

This from the indispensible H.L. Mencken:

“The freedom of nations is of little human value. It is only the liberty of the individual that counts.”

Related question for discussion: Does “good citizenship” simply mean allegiance to the state?

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3 Responses to A quote to ponder this Flag Day

  1. E. Willers says:

    Good citizenship, in my opinion, has more to do with allegiances to my fellow citizens, particularly family, friends, and neighbors. I cannot give blind allegiance to the state. I don’t trust the state, no matter which political party is in control. The concentration of power within the state apparatus corrupts people and therefore corrupts the state. A significant criteria for my supporting a political candidate is if they have plans to return power/responsibility to the people.

    On this subject of individual liberty, I heard Trump say something the other day that impressed me. While he was at Arlington Cemetery, meeting with families of fallen military members, he would end his greetings with “take care of yourself.” It may seem trivial, but I think that phrase has some wisdom to it. In a culture that wants the State to take care of their every need and want, it really comes down to each individual to exercise their liberty, to pursue their happiness, and take care of themselves. Being able to take care of yourself is the most fulfilling feeling a person can experience. However, many of our government and social ills are derived from people abdicating their ability to take care of their own affairs, surrendering liberty for security.

  2. Z says:

    It does not. I think good citizenship means respect of the citizenry. And I think that can even mean not supporting proposed laws that will only affect part of the citizenry. Will ponder this some more, but that is my general feeling.

  3. Bman says:

    In North Korea that would be the only option or else. So, no.

    Pledging allegiance to the flag, in my opinion, doesn’t mean to pledge allegiance to government. That would be absurd.