So, What Do You Think? Is David Right?

This was written by David Hines and published in Jacobite. It probably does a pretty good job of assuring those who carry bike locks that they will prevail:


If there’s one thing righties believe, it’s that they could beat lefties in a fight.

You see this attitude reflected over and over again, to the point that it’s probably something engrained in the right-wing psyche. Pajama Boy vs. tactical deathbeast? Pffft. No contest. Look, righties have the guns, righties have police and they have the military. If one day the balloon ever goes up, righties will just organize behind a leadership of their veterans, coordinate with the active service, give all the lefties free helicopter rides, and live happily ever after. Right?

That’s pretty much what the Confederacy thought about the Yankees, and it didn’t exactly work out well for them.”

And then there’s the obligatory Quote From A Commie:

The recent Battles of Berkeley have shown that right-wing defense groups can acquit themselves admirably in street-fights, but hard experience has taught Lefties that an all-one-tactic mentality is a good way to give your opponents time to figure out how to counter you. If righties going to build things, they need to look at how the lefties are doing it, because they’ve been working on it for forty years. To paraphrase Trotsky, you may not be interested in politics, but politics are interested in you — and you can learn a lot from the people who’ve been working them to their advantage.”

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4 Responses to So, What Do You Think? Is David Right?

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Government forces will put down any uprising long before that question can be answered. If the left gets seriously violent, it will be crushed by government forces. Same on the right.

    You will never live to see civilians battling civilians in an American civil war. Not unless there is a asteroid strike or some other civilization destroying event.

    • Jim22 says:

      I wish I had your certainty. After watching the extended riots in places like – oh, I don’t know. There have been too may – where the police were told to stand down I am not as certain as you.

  2. C. L. says:

    If this David had wrote that “political violence is a game the right can’t win” a couple of years ago I would have said he was correct, because the administration and justice department at that time was giving tacit approval of their tactics by looking the other way, calling their violence “peaceful protests”, and coming down hard on any law enforcement officers who dared to treat it as what it actually was.

    Those years under Obama’s benevolence only served to embolden these violent assholes. They seem to think they are untouchable and invincible. Worse, they think they are justified. Hopefully, they will wake up and realize that the rules have changed back to more of what you would expect them to be in a civilized society. This attitude is the worst part of Obama’s legacy, and I am looking forward to its’ destruction.

  3. Rich says:

    The “right” (actually political center) can’t win at political violence because it is something in which they almost entirely do not engage. However, countering political violence on the part of the “left” (actually political right) is something that the “right” can, and will, do if the government fails to keep the peace. The “right” have more guns and ammo, and well know how to use them.