Manic Monday Covfefe Report

Now that we have a week or so of the daily Covfefe published here I think it is time that I should point out its purpose. First of all, I have now refined the title of this publication to indicate that it is a Covfefe Report. It’s kind of like the Drudge Report only all Covfefe and no hot links. Stated most accurately it is a daily Covfefe aggregation graphic. Some will think it to be a daily  aggravation graphic.

As has been respectfully pointed out, these are news headlines that many people find annoying and would rather avoid. That is why I have decided to add the word “Report” to the title of this publication. Reports are Reports. Without the word “Report” in the title of this publication the casual reader might think that the views expressed in the Covfefe are those of the Real Revo.

The Report is here to inform the reader of what is circulating in the MSM as of the morning of the particular publication. It’s news headlines only because that is usually enough to explain the Covfefe that the story is trying to put over. It helps the reader be prepared for that moment later in the day when a co-worker asks “Hey, did you hear the latest about Trump”? the Covfefe Report reader will be able to respond with “Yeah, I heard something about that, what’s that all about”? Because there are no hot links you will never be bogged down with story details. You will be familiar with topics only. Then you can get your co-worker who is just dying to do so to tell you all about it. If it’s interesting enough you might even look the story up and read it for yourself later.

Using the word “Covfefe” is also a cheap marketing gimmick. It is a word of historic nature and if we build up a library of publications that use the word Covfefe it may at some point drive some traffic this way. It takes time but eventually we may dominate Google search results for that word. When someone sees the term “Covfefe Report”, it may actually generate interest for the casual passerby.

The Covfefe Report will eventually become an archive of information that records all the insanity surrounding the intense effort being made by the mainstream media to contribute to the removal of President Trump from office. The incitement and perpetuation of violence does go with that effort, as this is a Marxist Revolution after all. The Covfefe Report archives will become a museum to this journalistic propaganda effort. Years down the road looking back on all of this will be quite nostalgic.

It requires very little commentary from me, other than to add a greeting, give the forecast and provide attribution to the medial outlets from which the Covfefe originated. It is said that a picture paints a thousand words so I use my snipping tool to capture pictures of new headlines and assemble them here in some kind of order. It only takes a few minutes to do (with the exception of this particular publication) and it communicates a lot about how the news day is going to go. I stick to true Covfefe, only Trump related articles. It illustrates the insanity of the media fixation quite clearly. Having it all up without a page break will make the ever expanding library easier to quickly scan during a website search. Over time the patterns in the propaganda effort become clear.

It is also something that inspires me to get up every morning and say hello to the Real Revo before rushing off to work. It helps to get the day moving. Now that you know all that, lets get down to some Covfefe…

All in all this morning, the Covfefe is looking pretty light and weak. The MSM clearly does not have their act together this morning.

Nice little graphic from the Covfefe Broadcast Service this morning…

The Covfefe News Network is slacking this morning…

An addition from ABC this morning…

Wrapping up with MSLSD…

That’s all we have to start out the day with.

Welcome to the work week!

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