The desperate grasping for Hope

I don’t think that anyone who is here on a regular basis can really know the depths of despair that exist in the minds of those in the Progressive Movement right now. I am certainly most familiar with my own sense of despair that began to lift just a little on Election night 2016. It’s a different kind of despair that cannot be compared to what is going on with Progressives right now. Right now they are in a bottomless pit of despair. They have no idea how far into the depths of despair that they will reach before this is over.

Then comes little moments that will seem like a life line and they will grasp for it with all of their being. They will pull on it so hard that it will break and they will once again begin their descent back into the depths. I told them that it will be five years before I jump in the water to try to help them out because until then they are going to be thrashing about violently and can’t be helped. I will wait until they have completely exhausted themselves before I try to play Lifeguard and pull them back to safety.

HERE is their latest life line, an illusion of hope that many of them are grasping at today.

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Reporters Wonder: Has The Trump White House Lost Matt Drudge?

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3 Responses to The desperate grasping for Hope

  1. FrankinTexas says:

    Instead of a lifeline for progressives I would call this an anchor that will drag them down to the depths of the Marianas Trench. In the words of some CNN schlemiel this is a “nothing burger”.

  2. Bman says:

    I didn’t know that was what Drudge looked like to be honest with you.

  3. Jim22 says:

    If what you say is true, and it sounds right, it means several things. First, the attacks on the Trumps, conservatives, and Republicans will continue and will be stepped up. Someone, not long ago, said that leftism is a mental illness. We all thought that was a great line and laughed. But it was more true than we knew. We should have paid attention. Now the leftists, in their frustration, have gone violent. They have the stupid on their side and they are using them as pawns, sending them to places to burn, break, and hurt.

    Second, because of the frustration and the violence being stepped up we will see people killed regularly. Now there are killings but they are relatively rare. Mostly police who are ambushed. That has been true in the bad parts of cities but it will expand to better parts and to people other than cops.

    The left wants riots and violent demonstrations. They will make sure they happen.