Remember the Monkeys you saw in the Tarzan Movies?

Their descendants are alive and well in Florida and starting to get a little out of hand. Back in the 30s a guy brought in some Monkeys and put them on an island in the Silver River. He was trying to create a tourist attraction. The Monkeys didn’t stay there. They swam the River and set up house in the Silver Springs Park area and began to populate the place. The classic Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller were partially filmed at Silver Springs and those Monkeys made great movie extras. all of my life they have been part of the added attraction of the Silver Springs Park.

The park has been closed for several years but was recently reopened only a couple of years ago and the Monkeys have now taken over sections of it. They are going outside the park too.

Monkey biz in Ocala…

In other Monkey Business News…

Federal Court Case to determine if a Monkey has capyright protection for his own selfies.

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