Good Question: “So why are you trying to stop them from hurting themselves?”

Aaron Clarey, AKA ‘Captain Capitalism’, asks this question in a screed on his website titled, “Why Major Metros Deserve $15 Minimum Wages and Municipal Income Taxes”

There’s been three major municipal events over the past year.

1. Seattle approved a $15/hour minimum wage.
2. Minneapolis approved a $15/hour minimum wage.
3. Seattle approved a municipal income tax on it’s richest citizens.

Republicans, libertarians, and other assorted “non-leftists” are in uproar over these items and tender the same, and correct, arguments against them. They will drive away businesses, employers, rich people, and others. They will lessen the amount of employment offered to the public. And they will actually hurt the poor, the disadvantaged, and the ADHDDHADHDDHD people’s the left so loudly claim to want to help.

It is a rare instance where the right is actually trying to help those on the left.


If you look at large metro areas they are predominantly populated by liberals, leftists, college students, and trust fund babies. And those that make enough money to be taxed in a municipal income tax are also likely goodie-two-shoes-obedient-leftist-sheeple who just can’t wait to buy some kamboucha at Pioneer Square.

So why are you trying to stop them from hurting themselves?”

I suppose it’s not the people he lists that we are trying to warn. The vast majority of the folks who live in those would-be Utopias are working-class people who can only afford to go out to Denny’s for dinner on a rare occasion. Those are the people who will find empty buildings one day in the future instead of the affordable meals they have gotten used to. It’s also the cooks, waiters, and bus people who will be laid off. The cost of everything will go up within the cities and the companies will relocate to areas not trapped by the new laws.

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3 Responses to Good Question: “So why are you trying to stop them from hurting themselves?”

  1. Bman says:

    During a city council meeting in Seattle, where they were discussing a city income tax, some leftist dipshit, who made a lot of money, was all in favor or the tax. She was quoted as saying, “I would love to be taxed more!”

    I think today’s leftist believe that paying taxes is equivalent to giving to charity. I guess it makes them feel good. They figure they need to pay for their indulgences I guess. People need to remind these idiots that they sure as shit can choose to pay more in taxes if they so please, but I do not think that has ever happened in the history of the world. They would rather be forced to pay more apparently because they sure as shit wont volunteer to pay more despite their wish to pay more in taxes.

  2. Ben says:

    I think his point is to let them do it and by so doing force people out of the leftist havens and potentially bring people some awareness of why the Right is right.

  3. hiredgun1911_A1 says:

    I would submit that all of the people leaving those progressive areas are the rich and educated progressives and that they will leave in mass quantities. (Brain drain). Then they will inhabit a not so progressive place, and start the process over IE: Denver, CO and infect that place with progressive ideals and politicians. I think that is a good reason for non-progressives to fight what they are doing. Contain them to their natural habitat! Or we will all end up like Detroit, MI….