Not At The Real Revo We’re Not

“We’re All Being Pretty Quiet About Obama’s Failures, Aren’t We?”

As we discussed at the beginning, a major theme of Obama’s presidency has been that Al Qaeda’s on the run, ISIS is the JV team, they’re totally contained, and we’re going to stay the course while fighting them. This is quite obviously wrong to everyone outside of most newsrooms. Also, Obama has claimed that we’re out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Except that we’re in no way out of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Yeah,yeah. We have covered all that and a lot more. We spent a lot of time and pixels on the debacle that was Fast and Furious,running guns to Mexican drug cartels, refusing to allow our border protectors to protect our borders, his bowing in supplication to terrorist leaders, apologizing to the world about the evil United States, his bully tactics against conservatives, and more. Barack H. Obama was the antithesis of everything that is America and he smirked about it.

We were shocked when Americans elected him in 2008 and disappointed when he was reelected in 2012. But, being who we are, we didn’t trash and burn cars, stab people or hit them on the head with bike locks. Instead we Americans staged entirely peaceful demonstration rallies. We waved American flags and made speeches. And we cleaned up after ourselves. You see, we were trying to show our young that we could be respectful and respectable.

The leftist media Always tried to portray the Tea party members as racist, violent, old, stupid, and hateful. They were none of those. They were average mericans of all ages.

The left reacted to all that Pro-American sentiment the way they always do. They turned vile.

No, we have not been quiet about Obama’s failures. It has been the leftist, Obama supporting media that has.

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4 Responses to Not At The Real Revo We’re Not

  1. jacksonsdad says:

    Nice post Jim! I sent the link to the article to everyone on my e-mail list w/ a working brain.

    One thing that’s overlooked and majorly sticks in my craw is the lack of intelligence we’ve gathered from known terrorists b/c ol’ JugEars didn’t CAPTURE any terrorists of note that I can recall. Instead he evaporated them with drone strikes. Pretty convenient huh?

  2. Cold Warrior says:

    Depending on one’s perspective, what one sees as Obama’s failures are actually successes. If the premise is that Obama is just a bumbler, then he ought to have at least gotten some things right.

    He got nothing right. In baseball terms, he batted a thousand.

    If one’s premise is that Obama’s goal was to do as much damage to this country as possible while he was at the helm of the federal government, then all his “failures” were actually, from his perspective, successes.

    If one ignored what he said, and focused on what he did (or what he did not do), then it becomes clear that this was the Obama Doctrine: On any issue, figure out what course of action is most harmful to the American people, and then choose it and try to carry it out. Knowing all the while that if anyone criticized him or suggested impeaching him that they would be demonized by the leftist media as racists.


    • fasttimes says:

      ^^^ this is pretty much what i believe.

      there are at least two types of leftist. the true believers whos brains are broken, and the people who want power.

      i guess the same can be said for political republicans, but not for conservatives/classic liberals.

      libertarians just want to be left alone. i typically don’t see libertarians as political. at least that is my view now.

  3. Jim22 says:

    Glenn Beck, on his radio program, has been discussing the differences between how conservatives see the world, how progressives see the world, and how libertarians see it. He notes that libertarians are more closely aligned with progressive young people. He may be right or he may be wrong.