She’s A Lot More Certain Than I Would Be

Chelsea Clinton says her mother wouldn’t sell her to to become President.

Someone made the off-hand comment that she thought Hillary would sell her only child to become President. There may be a lot of truth to the comment but we will never know. In order to sell something or someone you would need a buyer.

Chelsea went to Twitter to try to refute the comment:

Sounds pretty thin-skinned to me. I wonder why.

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One Response to She’s A Lot More Certain Than I Would Be

  1. Sortahwitte says:

    She’s thin skinned because her “mother” has probably told her that to her face. After all, they married her off into one of the biggest crime families in the Northeast. Lawlessness attracts lawlessness. Poor little rich girl. A twit on her best day. And Janet Reno for a father. Gag. Vomit.