You Know, I Think He’s Right

The party is in disarray. The moonbats are angry and are lashing out rather than organizing and planning. It has broken into several competing factions. Of course there is the Hillary Clinton arm. Her followers forgive any and every mistake she makes and they help her blame others. There is the Bernie Sanders group. It’s nearly as big as the Clinton army. The difference is that the average age of Sanders’ supporters is somewhere around thirty while the average age of Hillary’s crowd is nearly sixty. Both candidates are well past Social Security age as is the third Democrat leading a pack of frenzies, Elizabeth Warren. One wonders why these three are thinking about running in 2020. It’s not certain that any of them will still be alive then.

“James Carville: There Is ‘No One’ In Charge of the Democrat Party, Senate Chances in 2018 Look Bleak”


Democrat strategist James Carville sounded the alarm recently about the Democrat Party saying that “no one” is in charge and that he is not optimistic about the Democrats taking back the Senate in 2018.”

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Related: “POLL: 52 Percent Of Americans Think Democratic Party Just Stands Against Trump”

Only 37 percent of respondents believed that the Democratic Party “stands for something,” while 52 percent of respondents said the party “just stands against Trump.”

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