Time to start wrapping things up at the Revo

MadBrad and I started the Revo in November of 2007 in a fit of anger over what was going on in a different forum that we both frequented. We didn’t really know what the goal was to be other than having a place to vent without interference. I vaguely remember the idea that it would be a cross between National Review and National Lampoon: Smart but irreverent. And so it was.

In November of 2007, I didn’t have a Facebook account, an Instagram account or a Twitter account and you probably didn’t either. It was a great time to launch a standalone blog. In fact, it was the heyday of blogs and we rode that wave.

When we launched, Barack Obama was a name most Americans had not yet heard. That quickly changed and the site was critical of his crypto-Marxist, socially transformative, the-state-is-everything brand of politics. In the days of the Tea Party, the Revo had wings. We grew at one point to a steady 15,000 hits per day.

Those were fun days. We made new friends. We had meet-ups and we were all of likeminds. We stood for free speech, free markets, free trade, free people and free minds. We had a blast.

Things kind of turned south for us in 2016. The Trump candidacy tore us apart. I am still processing all the ways it did so. There is no way to easily summarize that split.

Some of us liked Trump for his policy on immigration and building a wall on the southern border. Nothing else about that man mattered.

Some of us wanted to defeat the left and that was everything. One writer called the election of 2016 the “Flight 97 Election”. We had to storm the cockpit even if that meant flying the plane right into the bedrock. Defeating Clinton was all that mattered.

Others, me included, felt that we were being offered a no win choice. Neither Clinton nor Trump offered what we were looking for in government. Tails we lose, heads they win.

The result was that the band of brothers was torn apart. The blog became schizophrenic with a split personality both supporting and opposing Trump and his agenda.

Readership plummeted. Commentary withered. Many of us began to feel like strangers in our own home. For me at least, blogging is no longer any fun.

I suppose one solution would to pick a side and run with it. For example, I could just get on the Trump bandwagon and make this yet another site of Hannity-like Trump cheerleading. Yeah, I am not going to do that.

I could ask my co-bloggers to make posts more in line with my thinking but, no, I am not going to do that either.

We could continue on in this schizophrenic way as a house divided against itself but that is no fun and if this isn’t fun, it is pointless.

The reality is that our time is up. Whatever was the purpose of the Real Revo, it is no longer operative. It isn’t 2007 anymore. Facebook clubs and so forth let anyone rant on the Internet and we get pulled into smaller and smaller subgroups. The days of standalone blogs are getting short.

Combine that reality with the ideological divisions here and, well, we are reaching the end of the line. I think we jumped the shark last summer at the Republican convention. There was nothing happy about Happy Days after the Fonz jumped the shark.

Therefore, it is time to start wrapping things up here. I don’t want to just pull the plug, however. I want to give people a chance to discuss. One thought is that I archive the blog and replace it with a discussion forum where anyone can post.

Whatever the case, it is time for a change.


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  1. C. L. says:

    My thoughts.

    1.) Dammit.

    2.) I don’t have facebook, twitter, and whatever the hell else there is out there nowadays. This is my only outlet. You are like friends to me. I have very few of those out here in the boonies.

    3.) I have a few friends that I get along with very well, who I disagree with politically 10 times more than the people here. Getting along through differences of opinion, even strong ones, is a virtue if you ask me.

    4.) Of course, I have not been around here nearly as long as most of you. I was welcomed and treated well.

    5.) Dammit, man. Do what you need to do for yourself. I don’t know you personally, but I think I understand. I don’t think your rift is as deep as you might think it is among you and your old, true friends here, for what that’s worth. I had hopes of meeting many of you someday. Shit happens, though, doesn’t it?

  2. Rj says:

    1. Shit, Im not sure but I think I originally stumbled on this blog not too long after you started up. Im not even sure what I was looking for or at when I linked up.

    2. I have really enjoyed your blog and will miss it tremendously.

    3. In the last few months my daily drop ins have fallen off, and I have not commented due to forgetting my original log in information.
    I just tried to log in under what I believe was the original throwdown hotmail account, and could not get any combo to take, so i registered just so I could comment and touch base.

    4. My just this last week or so I have been lurking and reading, I did notice the fall of in comments, etc.

    5. The reason for the lack of daily read, had nothing to do with quality of post, it was nothing short of being busier than a one legged man at a ass kickinng contest, job… family…. life…not to mention I had a real case of political news burnout.

    After the election I just had to get out of the daily habit of banging my head against the wall due to the sheer stupidity of the idiots in Washington DC and Hollywood.

    6. RD I have learned a lot by reading your post and articles, not to mention your philosophy and libratarian outlook on life. As well as your spock logic and strong arguments.

    I have found that I am less what I believed to be a “conservative” and more Libratarian than I thought.

    In a large part I believe my thinking has matured, largely due to the sound thinking presented in all the post and comments on this blog.

    I felt I had found a group of like minded thinkers Nota, Vanagram, Jim22, I thank you for your contributions comments.

    If this blog fades into history I shall sorely miss your company.

    By the way… life has calmed down and I will be reading and commenting untill then.

  3. tjay says:

    What you do here requires a lot of energy and dedication.

    I enjoy reading here. I seldom make comment. I am a regular reader. This place has been valuable to me in critically reviewing my opinions. It is still valuable to me. I will miss the place if it goes.

    More often than not in life were have to do things that we do not enjoy. The Revo is not one of those things. If you no longer enjoy doing this it is time to do something else.

    You asked for an opinion. Here is mine.

    Since I have been reading here my perception is that you have evolved more and more the into the role of teacher. I think you enjoy that role. Trump has caused discussion. It may appear to you that some of your students are no longer “listening”. Many teachers have quit the profession because they could not deal with a classroom of unruly students. You will not be the first.

  4. C. L. says:

    “The reality is that our time is up. Whatever was the purpose of the Real Revo, it is no longer operative.”

    That is your call, my friend. If that is how you see it, well, that’s how you see it. I enjoyed coming here, always.

  5. C. L. says:

    One more thing. Blogs can be powerful. They can get a message out while people are commenting and venting. Some people never comment; they just read.

    Starting in August, 2006 and running through January, 2009, a local blog was run with the purpose of calling out/ousting a very corrupt city council and administration where I lived. It’s the only other blog I have ever participated in, other than this one, and boy did I participate. It was like it was my calling at the time.

    The results: Of the 7 member council, 3 were recalled within 12 months of startup, 3 were voted out in the first election after the startup, and the last one resigned. In addition, the most corrupt city manager I ever saw resigned rather than be fired, a corrupt tax assessor was fired, his assistant was fired, 2 expensive new “fluff” positions were eliminated, and there was more but I forget.

    The point is that there is a voice here that’s a little different from most everywhere else. People read; people talk. Smart people who come here listen to the different viewpoints and make up their own minds. If all the cobs here spoke in unison, what fun would that be? More importantly, readers would have to go elsewhere for a differing viewpoint if this was just an echo chamber. As long as your voice is heard, RD, you make a difference. You make me think. That’s good for me. Thank you for that. It’s not your fault that I’m stubborn. 🙂

  6. Ray Davies says:

    Well,Hell. RD, I guess,if you say so. I would just like to say thank you for all you have taught me over the years and to thank you for your friendship and for introducing me to the others who call this blog home. I have the e-mails of most of you here so we can communicate by mail but it is nowhere near like the group arguments/discussions we have here.

    RD, I do understand. We saw you before last revofiesta in Branson. Buddy, you were fried. this is your blog so if you want to let it go then you must, we all will respect your doing so. We won’t like it, but we will respect it as we do you. The only thing I would like to ask is to post the e-mails in the inner circle of those of us who are here all the time.

    I hope we can get together for a beer soon, and I reckon I owe you another bottle of good scotch.

    Take care and stay well my friend.

  7. jacksonsdad says:

    Y’all have come to feel to me like the brothers (and sisters for that matter) that I never had. I feel blessed to have partaken of the fruits of knowledge that are espoused here on a daily basis since I first found this place many moons ago.

    There was a time not that long ago when I considered myself fair and diplomatic in the political arena… right-leaning but more moderate on social issues. Witnessing the flourish of the true colors of the left during the Bush years left me somewhat jaded… add to that the unanimity of (D)’s of total bullshit during the Obama years left me UTTERLY jaded. I no longer care about ‘common ground’ as there is none to be had.

    The left is like ISIS or The Borg (to use a Star Trek reference ;o)… “Assimilate Or Die”. They even cannibalize their own if they dare stray off the plantation. As I’ve said before, the left created the monster that is The Trump Era. The never-ending barrage of hateful rhetoric is finally being answered in kind and yes, it’s unsavory (perhaps even ‘indecent’) and certainly diminishes the office of POTUS.

    but but but…

    The Smooth Talking Jugeared One was ‘indecent’ too was he not? The siren song that he sang was complete and utter bullshit in every way imaginable. The only thing he said that was honest was his bitter-clinger type commentary and his vow to “fundamentally change” This Great Country. Lies upon lies upon lies lapped up eagerly by his minions as time and time again he was proven wrong.

    “Shovel Ready”? He actually giggled about that. “50+1 is no way to govern”? What a joke! “We’ll televise the debates on CSPAN, post the bills online and give the citizens 2 weeks to read the bills before we vote on them”? Then they actually had the nerve to hire a speed-reader to show his ass (and theirs) right there on the floors of COTUS. It would be funny if it were not true.

    I could go on but the MSM (who is supposed to leave their bias at the door) never wavered in their cheerleading. Bass-ackward and shameless they proved themselves to be just as partisan as the rest of the left. Meanwhile they blame ‘the right’ for every bad result that they fought for tooth and nail and made sure they were always on the same page in that endeavor. We watched the deficit balloon and all they ever proposed was more spending from Uncle Sugar.

    Now (big surprise) we’re having a hard time rolling back the shitstorm that they created and they are delighted. Chuck Schumer? Really? Dick Durbin waxing poetic about ‘bipartisanship’? They really do think we are stoopid and now that the shoe is on the other foot their only idea is to double-down on their failed agenda while simultaneously promising to do some ‘soul-searching’ into ‘what went wrong’. HRC actually titled her book with those words.

    Anyway, I didn’t plan on laundry-listing my gripes but it is pertinent to this topic. President Trump plays dirty but so would I if I had been dealt the hand he’s been dealt. I’ve been sucking on distaste for so long now that I guess I’m just glad that this is a different flavor at least. He’s taking the fight to the enemy (as they proclaimed and proved themselves to be) and I’m more than happy to give him the benefit of the doubt with fingers crossed that he figures out how to make chicken salad out of the chickenshit mess we find ourselves in.

    I think the skepticism and criticism that we discuss here is healthy and good for We The People in general. As Ted Cruz has said we need to hold our own feet to the fire as well and I believe that is spot on with one asterisk… we must always remember that we’re dealing with people who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘hypocrisy’ and tell straight-faced lies on their best days. As a very smart man has reminded me several times… “Embracing The Suck” seems to be the new normal and IMHO we’re still not caught up to the left in our ability to play the game by the rules THEY have dictated. If we ever do they will move the goalposts anyway so… what’s the point in ‘civility/ decency/ rising above’?

    I know I tried that early and often and in every way I could think of to no avail. How do you reason with the unreasonable? How do you convince these people that disarming law-abiding citizens only makes us less safe? Or that tax cuts ALWAYS result in increased tax revenue? Their eyes glaze over and it always ends the same way… “you hate poor people, gay people, women and (the real humdinger) Grandma you racist sexist irredeemable bigot”.

    I do have a theory about the traffic on this site and it reflects my own lack of participation as of late (on The Real Revo and in politics in general). I knew on election night how it was going to be for at least the next 4 years so I have resigned myself to it and now just laugh at the ridiculous grasping at straws. I don’t get bent out of shape and feel the need to vent like I used to. I mean, “Russia”— that’s all you’ve got? Now we’re finding out that perhaps they don’t want ‘the whole truth’ to come out after all. Hmmmm… now why might that be?

    RD, if I could make a suggestion I’d say give it till January 20th 2018 and then if the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t any brighter go with your gut and do what you deem necessary. I think The President is a quick study and a hard worker and that he’ll figure it out but… I’ve been wrong before. At this point I’m still willing to give him more rope. If he hangs himself with it then so be it.

    Just also wanted to add that even if you completely pulled the plug today… I owe you and everyone else who has come and gone on this site a huge debt of gratitude. I don’t have the words to express what it has meant to me to have a place that I call home in the blogosphere. What I have taken away from the wisdom expressed here is priceless. I hope one day if my ship comes in on my (patented) invention to be able to extend an invitation to all who are interested in coming to Sunny Florida for an all-expense paid long Holiday Weekend. There are plenty of 3 BR units for rent in my building (and on this large golf course where I live) and one of my fondest wishes is to fly you all here one day to enjoy The Gulf Of Mexico the way I have for the past 5 years (Brad will have to drive of course but I’ll pay for the gas ;o)

    On a sentimental note, I love you all as if we were personal friends who see each other on a daily basis (That don’t make me queer, right?;o)


  8. fasttimes says:

    i echo everyone’s comments so far. this place has become part of my day, something i look forward everyday i wake up.

    i try to comment but i almost always check in each day. my comments have been down because 1) i have been busy with so much (work and a newborn mostly, washington fatigue some too) and 2) i try to censor myself more when writing, but that has nothing to do with this place.

    i have learned some much in the time i have spent here. RD, i credit you with two very big shifts in my adult thinking and im not sure i would have had those changes of mind without this place. i am extremely thankful for that.

    i disagree that the disagreements are a negative, if fact without those i would have not had my revelations here. i know this last election was a trying time. i imagine to some extent it may seem like any ideals or principles you promote, which seemed to be taken up by others reading this blog, were abandoned by some of the same people when trump came along, but i don’t think thats the case. i think like we discuss trade offs of freedoms in society, folks balanced trade offs with trump. i know i did.

    i love this place. i can truly say that and to the extent you can have an affinity for people you have never met, i have that here for many on this blog.

    but you are really the engine here and if it is no longer a joy to do this, you should stop. time spent here would be much better spent with your family and doing something you enjoy. you owe no one anything, but i am grateful for what i have gained from this place and specifically, you.

    whatever you decide, i sincerely say, thank you.

  9. DJM says:

    RD, I’ve been reading this blog for a few years and it’s my go-to blog for staying relevant. I mean, it’s the Real Revo and Drudgereport for 98% of my news reading. I hate to see it go, but it’s your site.

    I do wish you would put all your posts on economic theory in its own area that would make it easier to find and cite. Your posts about trade deficits were particularly useful and I’d like to be able to refer to them easily in the future.

    Before the lights go out, I’d like to know what other blogs are most popular with Revo readers.

  10. FrankinTexas says:

    This is the first and last blog that I read every day. It is also the only blog that I comment on all the time which shows that it has stimulating information on a daily basis. It has been that way for however many years I have been a member of this Revoista conflab. I enjoy reading the different views that people who post here have. I also have found that I am probably more libertarian than I thought when I first started reading here. I would miss this very much if the plug is pulled but you must do what you must do.

  11. trebor snoyl says:

    I would miss the Real Revo as it has provided a forum for me, in most cases, to validate my beliefs and philosophy. I also has provided information not available in the MSM or other venues. As many of you know, I was introduced to the Real Revo by BMan, whose occasional display of wisdom has often astounded me. But as they say, all good things must end at some point.I hope this isn’t the end, but if it is, I’ll understand.

  12. Jim22 says:

    I have not been watching the traffic meter but I have seen the drop-off in comments. I don’t know what caused the drop-off but we have lost some important Revoistas. I don’t have any suggestions about how to increase traffic.

    RD, it seems to me that you are unhappy and don’t need this distraction. You have not accepted Trump as your President and you don’t show any movement in that direction. That’s too bad. You are going to be stuck for a long time with a President you don’t either respect or want to.

    I was not a fan of or new President. I still ain’t. But I try to put aside the anger within me that tells me the United States is being ruined by a dolt. I call it ‘Practicing Mental Health’. My health and my relationship with those I love is more important than ‘The Annoying Orange’.

    I agree that conservative/libertarian blogging isn’t as satisfying as it once was. There is so much material to work with – stuff I once wrote hundreds of words about. But, today, those things are overwhelming in their severity, their numbers, and the blase’ way Americans are reacting to them. Everyone has become tainted, even the Jell-O Pudding salesman. Politics is no longer about winning an election and serving the people. It’s about winning with personal destruction.

    We gave it a good go. Our intentions were pure, but that is no longer how to make a difference. I am not going into the trump MAGA camp. I refuse to engage in the politics of personal destruction. I guess this means that those who will will have another small win.

  13. JDTaylor45 says:

    Dammit… I’ve been following the Revo since the beginning. I am a libertarian and I don’t like Trump either. But, I think that everyone that has even a single working brain cell will agree that even Trump is way, way better than Hillary.
    I know that you all disagree, but who doesn’t. I mean, The Revo is classic. I tune in daily, specifically to get a variety of opinions.
    Whatever you do, please don’t just shut it down. It would feel like the death of a family member.

  14. hiredgun1911_A1 says:

    I hate to see you go! But I can understand how you feel! I wish you and all of the bloggers of the Revo well and thank you for fighting the good fight! I pray for the best for you all. I will miss coming here for it is a very thought provoking sight. I know there are a lot of guys in the special operations community here at Ft. Bragg that read your blog and will miss it as well! May God bless!……

  15. Sortahwitte says:

    I have thought about this all day. One of the parts of my fallen man thing is “it’s all about me”. Selfishly, I would want this to go on forever. It’s my spot to be encouraged, scolded, taught, reconciled, and the list goes on. I am no longer a repub. I identify some days as a libertarian and some as a rabble rouser. I have made friends I will keep forever. Some only by these magic words on an electronic etch-a-sketch, some I were fortunate to meet in person in Memphis and Branson.

    RD, I could feel your anguish and disappointment through your words. Life is way too short to do something you don’t enjoy. Seek, counsel, pray. Wherever He leads, I am happy for you.
    Your friend, Glen.

  16. MadBrad says:


    It ain’t over.

    RD says it is over and I totally get where he is coming from. Nobody has given more to this spot on the worldwide web than he has. There is nobody on Earth more authoritative on the existence of this website than RD. If he says it’s over then it is indeed over.

    This ain’t about the damn President though. There was a time when I am sure that what the President was doing was plenty enough to make many people here totally insane. We have grown past that. I thank God that we have grown past that. We are so much bigger than that.

    This is about things more important than the President. If all this has been about all these years is the President then we have been given over to Idol Worship, one way or the other (Worshipping the President or worshipping who/what we think the President should be) and that ain’t who we are. If it is then we need to end this immediately lest we offend an ever loving but righteous God. Let us confess our sins over the course of all these years, end this Real Revo and REPENT!

    Well I mean really, when my alarm clock goes off every day, shouldn’t I be most concerned with God’s Word over a Covfefe Report? Should I not be setting my mind to things of God as my first act of the day rather than the daily Bullshit? Maybe I just need to get up earlier every day to do just that but I’m not going to blame the Real Revo for my failure to do so.

    I know full well that there was a time when we were all about generating the right stats on the net. RD and I knew that with enough time and dedication that we could elevate this site to game changer status. We have made our mark. We didn’t change the game but we made our mark. We have done something more than that though. By the power of the Holy Spirit this website has made eternal investments. Our Creator measures us correctly and internet stats are not part of his knowledge of worth. The Real Revo has not been all Hay and Stubble. RD can attest to that personally. The Real Revo has had a value in the eyes of God that RD is not able to measure yet he knows that all of Heaven rejoices when just ONE lost sheep is rescued. Imagine that. ALL of Heaven has rejoiced over the eternal investments that have been made on this very website.

    We are our own brand. Those who get us, get us. Those who don’t, don’t. Either way it can never change who we are. We are THE Real Revo. There is no other.

    Over the years though this has become more important to us than which political party is running things. The Real Revo has become about us. We have a place to come. We have a place to speak. We have never made agreement a requirement. We just like this place. There’s been plenty of times when it was less than satisfying here for those who were contributing. When something really silly was happening in this world, THIS was the place we came to talk about it. We have celebrated Victory and Defeat here. This is our personal Legion Hall on the worldwide web.

    Things here could suck from time to time. Hell I thought some big time publication would have hired me by now. They didn’t. So what? I’ve got friends here. That means more to me than chasing things that were never meant to be.

    So everyday when the alarm clock goes off and I know that I have a limited amount of time to have the daily Covefe Report published and a few other stories up before I go to work, when I make sure on Thursday Night that we have a Photo Caption Contest and a Movie or two ready for Friday, it’s not about the content as much as it is about us. It’s about having something here every day for readers to enjoy.

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY has worked the Real Revo in pursuit of romance as I have. People who have been here for years are my witnesses to this fact. I can’t help it. I’m too damn sexy, especially in the written word that is devoid of my physical likeness. The Real Revo has been the greatest and most productive dating website ever, at least it has been for me.

    Every single day I like to think about the Millions of women who have stalked me through this very website. They could find out anything about me that I put out here for them to know. War Hero, Noble Convict, Salesman, Poetic Commercial Fisherman, Pro Wrestling Legend… MILLIONS of women would be living such empty lives if they did not have me here to fuel their fantasies. What are they to do now? Read the National Enquirer? See what Brad Pitt is up to? Come on, get real.

    Do you have any idea how many American Women are out there who are in excess of 250 Pounds? I’ve given away YEARS of Freebies to them. Let’s put up a Pay Wall and get rich. I’ve primed this pump long enough with my own sweat and blood. Time to cash in.

    This is THE Real Revo.

    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

    • Ray Davies says:

      Bad, Brad, Brad, are you mad? Keep talking like that and LMT will really cut you (and it) off. Stay well (and thirsty) my friend.

      • MadBrad says:

        Of course when I said all that I was saying it with full knowledge of the fact that the Lady that I intend to spend the rest of my life with got to know a LOT about me up front because her cyberstalking skills lead her to a treasure trove of information that I had carefully crafted over the years. The Real Revo has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.

  17. AZ-Cat says:

    This would be a sad time, end of an era.
    Would miss y’all.

  18. MadBrad says:

    Dang it.

    It’s Midnight and I’m out of Rum.

    Let me not become insane now.

  19. Bman says:

    The morale of this blog took a huge hit after the 2012 presidential elections. You all remember that. It was never the same after. That’s my God honest opinion. The long time readers and contributors would say the same thing. I would like to say more, but I’m currently out of the state and typing through my phone. I will say something thoughtful when I get back. I just wanted to coment so you all didn’t think I was being a snobbish ass by ignoring this post.

  20. EastBayLarry says:

    Many will miss you RD and this insanely sane blog
    This is just 1 of 3 links in my “Daily” folder.
    Still real life comes first so enjoy yourself in whatever you find to do next.

  21. Rexx says:

    While I seldom comment I visit your site virtually every day, have did so for years, and share many of its posts on my Facebook page. I have been a Trump Supporter from day one, but I would rather talk with those who do not support him than to cut their opinions out of the conversations I engage in online. I believe that “The Real Revo” provides a great many insights and way of looking at things that I could have found in no other place.

    If you shut down it will be of a great loss to me, and I am sure to many others. But as I mother used to tell me after I grew up and flew the coop, “I cannot live your live for you, you have to make your own decision.” If you shut down I will surly miss you.

    Rexx Shelton

  22. mr_bill says:

    Say it ain’t so! This place is a bastion of sanity in a world that seems to have lost its way. I realize it takes a lot of time and energy to keep it running, so I understand if your decision. I don’t like it, but I understand it.

    Whatever the final outcome, thank you and all the cob-loggers for years of dedication, thought provoking posts, and level-headed commentary. Thank you all for providing a forum for debate and discussion and most importantly, learning. If the Real Revo must end, that’s not a bad legacy to leave behind.

  23. C. L. says:

    You see, RD? How many people you’ve touched? You are like the George Bailey of the internet. If the Revo goes away, I’ll think of you more like Tom Turner from The Outlaw Josey Wales, i.e., gone, but having built something useful and left behind that others could benefit from.

    Yeah, I know, I suck at analogies, but I try. 🙂

  24. BarbaCat says:

    Ah, I’ve felt just sick over this all day.

    I discovered the Revo in ’08 when the tap dance began with Obama, and I knew this was going to be my home page from then on. I’m still tapping a conventional keyboard, looking at a conventional monitor and running Windows in a conventional pc, so I need a home page to wake up to every morning.

    This has always been the only blog with contributing writers who can make me think about things from so many different angles that it’s impossible not to then navigate to the other blogs without my point of view having been expanded here.

    I love you all. RD, you’ve never failed to give me something new to consider, and I’ve always looked forward to seeing a post of yours. You are a good teacher.

    All things continually change. Ourselves included.
    I’m feeling stunned at the thought of this great blog coming to an end. But as the tears spring into my eyes, I have to admit that I can understand.

    Guess I’ll need to choose a new home page now.

    Love to you, RD, and all of the rest of the commentators.

  25. R.D. Walker says:

    Parting is such sweet sorrow…

    I have had a lot to say over the years and, for the most part, I have said it.

    The most important thing I wanted to say was that the most complex, beautiful, wonderful human interactions arise not by design, but by nature. Complex organization arises in bee hives, ant hills and human civilization through a collective, spontaneous organization that cannot be understood by any individual but only through a wonderfully complex web of interaction.

    To me this truth seems to be divine but, whether it flows from the mind of God or some complex, incomprehensible natural algorithm, it is real.

    The ‘fatal conceit’ of mankind, as Hayek explained, is that we think we can design systems better than the natural, spontaneous, perhaps divine, organization of the cosmos.

    When you understand this, you will no longer look to politicians, leaders, rulers or parliaments to make the world better. You will look to wisdom created by a trillion individual actions of billions of people everyday.

    You will understand that individual liberty isn’t the ends, it is the means.

    You will also see the fundamental flaw in everything from “workers of the world unite” to “make America great again”.

    Everything we have and will ever have is the result of free people, free thinking and freedom to interact. This truth was given to us by our Creator and is ironclad.

    I have said that as many ways as I can. If ten years of blogging passed this concept of the nature of all human progress on, I will call my self satisfied.

    That said….

    So many relationships. So many lives touched. I won’t just pull the plug my friends.

    Nevertheless, change must come and change is good. It is healthy.

    Over the next few weeks am going to be looking at ways to make the site more inclusionary and less dependent on the cobs. I will give all of you the ability to start threads and to create commentary. This will be a forum without an editorial position and with minimal moderation. All will be encouraged to participate and take it whichever direction spontaneity takes us.

    Stay tuned. More to come.

    • MadBrad says:

      I never doubted for a moment that Spock would arrive at a logical conclusion.

      I love you Brother.

    • Van-a-gram says:

      Does that mean the “four rules” are suspended? That ought to liven things up…..

  26. notamobster says:

    With so much of my time, energy, and life tied into this sure over the past eight-plus years, I am sad to think of it ending, but I’ve removed myself from daily participation in politics in nearly every way sincere moving back to Michigan.

    I’m just tired of the whole damned system and everything in it. I’m ready for the whole thing to burn to the ground.

    I love the folks I’ve met and interacted with during these many years and grateful to all who engaged in civilized, if vigorous, debate.

    I’ll always Love what we had here.

  27. Sortahwitte says:

    Should we have a farewell fiesta at the place we talked about?
    Maybe this winter? Or not?

  28. merl says:

    My husband deployed into Afghanistan in 2002. It was one of the first U.S. military entries into that country. I stupidly wasn’t worried about him because his first Special Forces team “had his back.” But I missed talking with my husband about all things and filled the void of conversation with him by reading anything political, social, and relevant. Then you all appeared on the blog scene.
    Once or twice, I posted a woefully under verbalized comment and RD let me have it. I learned to think through my concepts a bit better but will always struggle with that….an unfortunate personal short falling. Thanks to you all, I stayed connected to the real world through 3 more deployments with The Real Revo. Whether you know it or not, you all helped me get through it. My husband is retired from the military and in local politics now. I am connected to the arena of life in a different way these days, but never lost my love for you all. I check in daily or almost. Where will I go to gather details on the world and opinion? Sorry to see you go. But if it’s time to go, then God Bless. That’s the personal end of an era for me.

    • Jim22 says:

      Thank you, Merl. You made me cry. I never realized…

    • notamobster says:

      How is the old coot? Running for governor yet? He should.

      • merl says:

        Haha. Not yet, but I’ll convey your question. It will make him happy. Like alot of you, he isnt happy without a mission.

        Sorry that you are back in Michigan. It felt great knowing that your friendship was nearby.

  29. Son of the Rabbit People says:

    I stumbled on this blog, must have been right near the beginning. I didn’t comment at first, but just read and sharpened my philosophical wits. I have been here nearly everyday, even when you don’t read my comments, because I seldom post any. All the same, I am going to miss the Revo. I am going to miss it a lot. Thanks to you all.

  30. C. L. says:

    RD, you have expressed your love of free trade and personal freedom for 10 years here. You have said that ideal is the foundation of this blog. That’s cool.

    Along the way, you have become a great blogger. It was not just about free trade here. You evolved that along the way, keeping that core intact and true, but expanding into other subject matter and always keeping them interesting. There were discussions about scientific things. Vaccines. GMOs. Fossils. Climate change. And others like nostalgia. Military history. Current worldly events. Farming practices. Cars. Personal memories. Morals and values. Pro wrestling. Food. Travel. World history. Books. Survival. Music. I could go on and on.

    What I’m trying to say is that, yes, you have said everything you wanted to say about your main focus topics. But, there is always something more to say about other things in this world. You and your fellow cobs have covered so many other things.

    The focus of your blogging journey should not be about the destination. It should be about what happens along the way. It’s your core PLUS all those other “lighter” topics that make this a great place to be. I personally would like it if you did not change a damn thing about this blog. Just my humble opinion.

    • C. L. says:

      PS – I should have included all the cobloggers in this assessment. You all keep things moving along. You all contribute to the value here. I would hate to see content control given away.

  31. DarthJay says:

    Well I love this site and have for years. Like so many others it is a required stop on my daily Internet commute and I would miss it badly if it were to go away, so I’m glad to hear you are modifying your plan to keep it around, RD.

  32. Sundance says:

    I happened on this site about 12 months ago and have found myself checking in everyday since. Apart from identifying with much of the opinions stated I often found I was learning along the way.
    I greatly appreciate the effort and heartfelt honesty that has been put into this blog. As an Aussie down under I can see a sameness about the deterioration of much we took for granted. Australia is I suspect not has far down a left induced drain hole but we are certainly following the same downward spiral as the US appears to be heading.
    As much as I share concerns re Trump I pray that some much needed good will come from his Presidency such as a pull back from the climate change madness that has infected the world.
    Once again I am thankful RD et al to have spent time here even if quietly