Let’s quit with the Sadness and Foreboding

There is no need for anybody to be sad. I don’t say that as if I have not read every single comment that has been made here since RD published that which has come across so devastatingly bad. I need to speak some Peace in the midst of this storm.

Let’s talk about some physical facts. True Love never dies. I truly love the readers here who have made THE Real Revo a part of their lives. You all bear witness to where it is that I have come from over these nearly Ten Years that have gone by since this all began to where it is that I am now. I came here as a “Mad Man”, hence the catchy name that I publish under. I come to you now as a child of our Creator who has accepted that he has fallen short of God’s requirements, asked forgiveness for his disobedience and has repented of all those things that made Mad Brad the guy you once loved for his utter insanity as expressed in the written word.


They found him seated upright at the Master’s feet, clothed and in his right mind and they were afraid.

Do you not know that we have all come together here as a family as part of a grand design that is much bigger than our ability to contemplate? RD has spoken Truth, which is what he does and has always sought to do. There is another Truth that becomes more self-evident by the day. The ties that bind us as a family are indeed very strong. Let me let you know right now that those ties are unbroken because they have been made of things that are unbreakable.

So let’s stop all this “Funeral Talk”, although I have to say that I am so very happy that those of you who have taken the time to express yourselves over these past couple of days have done so. It has meant more to us than you can imagine. It has humbled us a great deal. I’ve spent nearly 20% of my life associated with this magical spot on the net and many times I have thought that it has been an incredible investment into something that will go away and never be heard of again. The readers here have informed me otherwise over the past couple of days.

Know this; We do love you, our family here at THE Real Revo. True Love never dies. The Love we have shared here as a family will continue because it can never die. These are days that are worthy of celebration, NOT sadness and foreboding. This thing isn’t over.

You would think that by now I would be sick and tired of spending my Thursday Nights in search of a bad movie that I can give a good write-up for. No, that’s not the case. It’s my thing now. I will be happy to pass from this life being remembered as the guy who brought at least one silly movie here every Friday Night, except on those Friday Nights that we didn’t feel like being silly.

So even though we all sincerely appreciate the sentiments being expressed here of late, this party ain’t over yet. Liven up yourselves. Let the good times roll…

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5 Responses to Let’s quit with the Sadness and Foreboding

  1. C. L. says:

    I love it that you can be so upbeat, MadBrad. I just can’t help feeling that my second favorite nest has been shat in.

    • C. L. says:

      I just remembered having made this comment and came back to apologize for it. I am sorry, man. It was in the heat of the moment when I didn’t know what to expect for the future here. I’m trying to adapt but I really love this old blog.

      • MadBrad says:

        Trust me, I know exactly what you are talking about. Thank you for your kind remarks. I’m looking forward to life in the Real Revo Republic.

  2. Son of the Rabbit People says:

    I love BB King. Absolutely one of my top 10 favorite guitar players.